Slaves and Rats

“Slaves and Rats” …the title of today’s post is a little bit weired – intentionally.
Monday night we had some fun with slavin C and slave cecy. We took them to Ropers where we exposed them to the public and relaxed watching them sweating. We could also motivate another domme to place her slave next to ours to complete the picture a little bit.
20160620 Ropers_010After slavin C was released to go to bed (and to clean the house the next day), Mistress Jenny decided to take slave cecy to “Paintoy” where she and I took advantage of our slave … she might be a bit sore the next days.20160620 Paintoy_004

Rats page 3 bonus by Tozum

Rats page 3 bonus by Tozum

So we got it all, bondage (that was some work for me), chatting and relaxing while enjoying the view on the slaves and some workout *winks* – hence a night with a bit of everything.

But what has this to do with the title “Slaves and Rats”? Well, last weekend, slave Nina told me about a selfbondage comic that she discovered on deviant art. It is created by Tozum, a German Artist, and published on Tozum’s deviant Art page.
Tozum writes about the comic:
Obviously a lot of people seem to enjoy “Rats”. I know, that this comic doesn’t come with a lot of story. That is because I really didn’t intend to start a comic. I was merely sketching some ideas on a pretty big canvas and while pushing the sketches around started arranging them into coherent order. That was the creation of page 1…
Tozum made a seperate folder for the “Rats comic“on the dA page. So far 6 stripes are published. I’m curious to see more – but have a look yourself and judge yourself. Thank you, Tozum.

As the first part of today was about our slaves I had the idea of this weired title 🙂

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