Our Flo

Tuesday night, August 9th, we took slave Flo and slave cecy (also known as slave cyan) to the dungeon of Fake Domme Slut (FDS) and allowed them to spoil eachother. First it was slave Flo who spoile slave cecy and slave cecy’s moan filled the room and she got over the edge quite quickly. Then it was slave Flo’s turn to get spoiled and I can tell she enjoyed it to the fullest asking again and again that slave cecy shouldn’t dare to stop. And slave cecy didn’t stop :-). slave Flo became so excited that she forgot everything else around her and even stayed much longer online than she intended. There can’t be a better praise for cecy’s talent and her tongue. slave Flo got quite some attendance, namely Mistress Jenny and myself, slave Pauline and another random sub that dropped by. Most probably slave Flo didn’t even notice us in her arousal.

August 9th: slave cecy spoiled by slave Flo at FDS

August 9th: slave cecy spoiled by slave Flo at FDS

August 9th: slave Flo spoiled by slave cecy at FDS

August 9th: slave Flo spoiled by slave cecy at FDS

Yesterday, Wednesday August 20th, I got an offline IM from slave Flo…
Florence Riddler: tomorrow its 3 years since……..Tasty Moonstone in her early twenties is blackmailing this 46 year old doc. what begun with a secret is growing to a cruel life for doc – be humiliated in public with the fear that once her face might be seen, her career is ruined ……
On Sept, 11th 2013 Mistress Diomita caught little doc and helped her first steps to enjoy the feeling of a locked CB …… of orgasm denial… and soft bondage.  Mistress Diomita could not resist to use her psychology and her willpower to turn Flo into her slave ….. her toy… for her and Mistress Jenny’s sadistic pleasures.”
Time flies and soon we will be celebrating slave Flo’s 3rd collaring anniversary. You’re loved, slave Flo.

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