Homeward Bound

I have been busy with work over the past few days while Diomita has been on vacation.

I have to admit I have become lazy allowing Diomita to post our diary as she is doing such a wonderful job of it. However Diomita’s vacation has come to an end and she is homeward bound.

I can say that in many ways as I do have a few things to unlock when she gets on SL next. Also since she could not be with us I took the Adarra, Cecy, Angel and Poison on a family outing tonight. We went to a club called DeLust which is fast becoming a favourite of ours. It is relaxing, friendly and there is a lot of shiny latex there. The people that attend the club are a mixture of old and new and there is no drama.

So tonight I had Cecy and Adarra dance on a bench for everyone while Poison knelt on a pedestal next to me. Angel logged in and very quickly changed into a shiny latex catsuit. ( I may have had something to do with that). Angel has spent many hours working on her Wardrobe system filing all of her outfits so that they can be forced on her (with the right RP of course). The result is impressive and a testament to all the work she put into filing and arranging all of her outfits.

I took some pictures of the occasion and I hope you enjoy them.

Diomita will be back Thursday and we both hope to see you at the Friday dance if not before.

Love Jen xxx


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