Diomita’s 9th Collaring Day

Diomita in her place at my side.


The change from being owned by Diomita to me owning Diomita was a slow journey that took place over a long time.

Once we had established that this was how things were going to be for our future we had to look back and decide on exactly what day to call Diomita’s first collaring day. We both agreed that the 21st April 2013 was the date that fitted best. Over the first few years after that date things changed slowly but in the past year there have been some big steps that now finalise Diomita’s change to being completely owned by her former slave and there is no way that it seems possible to go back to how things were. I have heard it said many times that ex- Dommes make the best slaves, Diomita is my perfect slave and she tells me that every time I call her Ehesklavin. Thank you for belonging to me and I promise to take good care of you for many years to come.


Diomita’s 14th Rez Day


Diomita at 16 months old

I met Diomita shortly after I joined SL and we connected right away. Our blog tells the long journey that we have enjoyed together and how close we have been over the years. We often get IMs from people telling us how much they enjoy reading our profiles as they show briefly how we have developed and the time we have shared. Diomita has been getting closer to me in her submissive role more and more over the recent past and the more she falls the deeper the stronger my Domme side seems to feel. Our journey still has a very long way to go and we still have no idea of the destination. We don’t have a map, and we continually look at ways to keep everything fresh. One thing is for sure, without Diomita I would have left SL a long time ago. Having such a close friend as Diomita helped make the past 2 Years fly by. I know hand on heart that knowing Diomita has changed me for the better and I am looking forward to many more years together. Thank you for keeping our story up to date for our followers and enjoy being spoiled today. All my love Jenny xxxxxxxx


Rez day wishes from Holly

Holly asked me to post a picture she made to celebrate Diomita’s 14th Rez day


13 Year Rez Day Celebrations.


Today is 13 years since I joined SL. A long time in any life but more significant in SL.

To make SL work you have to put in to get out. If you find somebody special and you put in then you get twice back. I am lucky that I found Diomita very early in my SL and we hit it off very quickly. The story is in the blog for all to read, and it is in our profiles too. SL has changed a lot of 13 years, not all for the better but when you have great friends and close relationships it is still a very special place to visit. Thank you to everyone I know for making me want to log in again and again.


Have fun

Jen xxx



12 Years And Counting

Dio1 (2).jpg


Today is my 12 years rez day. I can’t believe it is that long ago that I first logged in to Second Life. Back then things were frantic. The BDSM scene was exploding and sites such as Stonehaven were very popular with both people new to the scene and those with more experience trying to lead the way. I met Diomita with her family in the cage room and later again up at the terrace. The rest is all history and well documented in this blog. But what does not often get a mention is the role that SL has had on our private lives too. I have seen us both develop as people, seen our children grow up and leave home, and I have become more relaxed and confident because of my friendship with Diomita. Having somebody to share life with and experiences and having an ear to listen to you is important and we have both been that for each other. Thank you for a fun 12 years and long may it continue. I love you lots and lots Diomita

Here is a picture of us taken together in 2009 to remind everyone of how we looked back then.

Jenny xxxxx

Cowboy Dance Night


Diomita is away on her annual ski trip. The weather forecast looked bad as there has been a lot of snow in the region. However I got an e mail to say Diomita arrived safely and the lower slopes are open for skiing. The bar seems to be open too and Diomita is making the most of both.

While she is away Virgo decided on a Cowboy Night for the Friday night dance. Kelly made it from our family Sarah and Vero were here earlier and Starbright’s family fill the floor, not to mention BC who always adds colour.

Here are a couple of pictures from the dance.

Cowboy Night 3.jpgSnapshot_002.jpgSnapshot_001.jpg

I hope we see you all in world soon


Jen xxx

While the mouse is away

Diomita has written many posts about her explorations while I am off line for work or other reasons.

Diomita likes to visit artistic places and she has reviewed and posted links to some lovely places. So this weekend while Diomita is away I had a chance to explore a new sim that involves a fully automated prison.

If you have been to Ralf’s Dark Paradise you will be familiar with the Teddy bear prison.

The Teddies perform all the functions that a guard would and take you on a tour of imprisonment for a couple of hours. I remember taking the tour a few times to see the different variations and when alone for a couple of hours it passed the time nicely.

Move forwards a few light years and you come up with the Dedendz Prison. There are many similarities with the intake process but here you get to confess to a crime that determines how long your sentence will be. Trespass is about 2 hours, drunk in public is about 3 and the more serious offences can be over a day so be careful what you wish for.

To enter you have to take off all RLV items that might interfere with the process but normal collars are fine (just use add for the second).  They recommend using their relay but be aware it locks on and you have to log non RLV to remove it.

Having said all that the 2 hours were very well spent. The work that has gone into scripting it all has made for a great experience. I met a girl called eve and we decided to try the punishments for not returning to our cells. Again well scripted and I won’t spoil your fun if you go there. The punishments do not add time so feel free to be bad.


I fully recommend it if you have a couple of hours to pass and you get a free trendy orange dress as a momento

Me in cell 14 just before the doors open for a social break.


Homeward Bound

I have been busy with work over the past few days while Diomita has been on vacation.

I have to admit I have become lazy allowing Diomita to post our diary as she is doing such a wonderful job of it. However Diomita’s vacation has come to an end and she is homeward bound.

I can say that in many ways as I do have a few things to unlock when she gets on SL next. Also since she could not be with us I took the Adarra, Cecy, Angel and Poison on a family outing tonight. We went to a club called DeLust which is fast becoming a favourite of ours. It is relaxing, friendly and there is a lot of shiny latex there. The people that attend the club are a mixture of old and new and there is no drama.

So tonight I had Cecy and Adarra dance on a bench for everyone while Poison knelt on a pedestal next to me. Angel logged in and very quickly changed into a shiny latex catsuit. ( I may have had something to do with that). Angel has spent many hours working on her Wardrobe system filing all of her outfits so that they can be forced on her (with the right RP of course). The result is impressive and a testament to all the work she put into filing and arranging all of her outfits.

I took some pictures of the occasion and I hope you enjoy them.

Diomita will be back Thursday and we both hope to see you at the Friday dance if not before.

Love Jen xxx


A break from the slopes

Diomita is away for the weekend enjoying the sun and snow.
She did make some time to visit our Friday night dance and the theme was lingerie.

Snapshot_001.pngDiomita returns very early Monday morning and I am sure she will soon catch us all up with her news.


Until then take care everyone and see you in world.

Jen xxx

From the other side of the leash

Diomita writes and posts most of our blogs. While many of them are all her own work I contribute to some of them and make the odd correction if needed. Diomita knows the English language better than most Brits now so that isn’t very often.

However there are occasions when I should add a few words myself just to remind you of life from the other side of the leash.

At the start of 2014 I made a resolution to have full control of Diomita before the end of 2015 including making her wear a thick and heavy collar in place of the vixen collar we had been using for what we call green lights. (The occasions I was allowed to take control for a short period of time.) Through out the first few months of 2014  I took little steps purposely, sowing seeds, nurturing them and developing new ideas so that eventually the day came when Diomita chose her new collar with me and I locked it in place for what turned out to be the rest of 2014.

Snapshot _ Eurobrats HQ, Mount Everest (66, 97, 4002) - Moderat

That was not to say that I was in control for the second half of the year, Oh no Diomita still held on to the last small bit of control and I really wanted to help her to let that go. My green lights became longer and more intense. I had to think hard for new ideas and ways to re enforce Diomita’s new experiences and finally, shortly after September I noticed that Diomita took that final step and released the last tiny grip she had of control. For those of you who know the feeling it can be like a very big high. The release is like becoming very free and that is why it can sometimes take some time to come back to normality afterwards.

Snapshot _ Eurobrats HQ, Mount Everest (60, 99, 4003) - Moderat

Over November and December our relationship has changed again. before we may have switched but now we truly do own each other just as any Mistress owns a sub. By the end of December we both new it was time to sit and talk about how we should manage our new relationship and we have done that leaving a lot of room to develop and  explore over 2015.

The only way relationships like this can work is if one person has the deciding vote should an occasion ever arise that needs it. Diomita owned me first and will always be my number 1. I know she should never have to use that vote and we both share a trust that will bind us together  for a long time to come.

So for now enjoy the posts from Diomita, her messages come from both of us and be prepared for anything if you meet us in world.

Lots of love

Jenny Maurer.




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