Pandora Resort

I have explored many “RL sims” during my vacation – now being back home I started exploring SL sims again. I scrolled back in Inara’s blog and came across her post “A vacation at Pandora Resort in Second Life” and decided to visit Pandora Resort. As always I recommend to read Inara’s post for a more detailled description of the sim.
I arrived at the station (the landing point) and was impressed by the large hall with the two railroad engines. And I was welcomed via IM by one of the team Managers, Sapphire Jewel (sapphirejolla). That was nice! Thank you again, Sapphire. I stepped out of the station and roamed through the town of Ironfalls. In it’s center is a nice park and a church. From there I made my way up into the mountains.20160925-pandora-resort_001On my way up i saw the Pandora Resort, a big house overlooking Ironfalls. Then I noticed the cable car moving up into the mountains and I took it. The ride was nice and led up quite high, it began to snow and I was definitively not dressed for winter yet. Stepping out of the cable car was a challenge. And there’s no good way to get down again. The snowy environment is lovely, particularly for someone who love skiing like me, but in Second Life it is difficult to build structures like mountains on which you can walk. I found some ways later, but that is definitively a downside that destroyed the experience – at least mine. Scattered into the lower mountains are vacations home that you can rent. Prices are high as in every lovely surrounding. You have to pay for the view *winks.20160925-pandora-resort_002At the end of my visit I took a closer look at the Pandora Resort, the big house overlooking Ironfalls. The Resort is really a gem. Fully furnitured with love for the detail. Many spots to sit and talk, to celebrate or to simply have a good time. The Pandora Resort and it’s furnishings were the highlight for me and it’s really worth seeing.20160925-pandora-resort_003Thank you, Sapphire for your heartly welcome, and thanks to the team for creating and providing this place for us.

Landmark for Pandora Resort
Inara Pey’s blog

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