Kitty & Dana – Sunday morning fun

On Sunday, October 16th, I was online in the late morning for about 45 minutes. That is the time, where I can expect to see Kitty online as it is her late Saturday night. When I came online, I got a typical IM from Kitty together with a Picture.

October 16th: Kitty in Mayberry County Jail

October 16th: Kitty in Mayberry County Jail

Mistress, Kitty is innocent. Bad guys did it… not Kitty. Kitty just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sorry for the bad snapshot. Kitty could do it only once and is now out of money. Mayberry County Jail. A bank got robbed here. Kitty was close-by. Really, really bad luck!
Soon after, Kitty sent another IM
Kitty: good morning, magnificent Mistress Diomita
Diomita: if you use such exaggerated compliments …. suspicious ….. now I want to hear the truth, my boy
Kitty: hmmm… ok… Kitty wasn’t exaggerating
Kitty: Also, Kitty was release by the Sheriff… for lack of evidence
Kitty: the only ‘trouble’ that Kitty has to report would be relay salad
Kitty: Kitty’s regular relay is locked and there are two more… as a result of some … ehem… traps.

October 16th: Diomita and Kitty at Seaside Euphoria

October 16th: Diomita and Kitty at Seaside Euphoria

I looked Kitty up in the map and found her at Seaside Euphoria, which is according to it’s description a “quiet little town. Kinda nice. But there are secrets here. Things you weren’t supposed to know. RLV SEX BDSM paradise for  Doms, Masters, Femdom, Findom, Escorts, Transformation, Boobs, Traps, Forced training, and yes, DRIDERS! Come Enjoy!” That sounds Kitty like, doesn’t it?
Kitty told me that it is more or less the successor sim of Hathor’s, a sim she and Dana visited often and where Dana spent a lot of time as a milking cow, her favourite kink. That reminded me about Dana and as she was online, I teleported her to us. We had a chat, actually I had not seen Dana for several months. But I heard about her from Kitty. All of a sudden Dana used an old but still very useful and hilarious RLV tool and transformed Kitty into Dana’s bra.

October 16th: Dana transforming Kitty into Dana's bra at Seaside Euphoria

October 16th: Dana transforming Kitty into Dana’s bra at Seaside Euphoria

What a fun! In particular as Kitty and I spoke about Dana’s kink for cows and big boobs just minutes before – and now Kitty became Dana’s bra. Dana and I got lots of talking from that bra…
Dana’s bra tries to say something but can not speak !
Dana’s bra is not supposed to lift over 25lbs
Dana’s bra groans
Dana’s bra makes’m jiggle
Dana’s bra pinches nipples hard (have you ever had a bra that pinches your nipples?)
Dana pulls on her bra stretching out it bit
Dana’s bra is an A-cup
Dana’s bra groans under the weight
And as I invited vero over Dana’s bra even managed to say hello to vero…
Dana’s bra wiggles right boob for ‘hello’

What a Sunday morning fun!

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