Dana transformed and back to FM

What I didn’t mention in my blog post about meeting Kitty and Dana last Sunday is that I gave our Kitty the little assignment to outsmart Dana and to transform her into a cow, as we all know how much she loves that. The next Tuesday, October 18th, Mistress Jenny told me that she shortly met Kitty, Dana and another woman, named Lucy. They had a conversation in presence of Dana who was already transformed into a pig (not quite the assignment, I gave Kitty). Spontaneously Mistress used this conversation for her (and all others) fun. Here are the main parts of this little talk. I myself had so much fun reading it, that I share and safe it here for our diary.

Lucy: “hello, you know dana?”
Jenny Maurer: “for a long time yes, until she ran away with our family jewels”
Lucy: “ah, according to her, she was your slave. Well, its a good thing i am punishing her then”
Jenny Maurer: “I have been searching for her for a while. I was kind of hoping to get her imprisoned for theft. Luckily our Kitty found her and kept her penned so I could catch up”
Lucy: “ah, she was imprisoned in FM, although I could maybe have her sent there again.”
[FM stands for Fortriss Mortice, a quite extraordinairy prison in Second Life. Dana has been there before (more than once) and I had a blog series about her stay at FM in 2013: Dana at Fortriss Moartice part 1, part 2 and part 3]
Jenny Maurer: “I think she needs it”
Fuck Pig shakes her head
Lucy looks at slave angrily “slave…Did I say you had a say in this?”
Jenny Maurer: “She milks and breeds well. You could make her earn her keep.”
Lucy: “Right now, i am punishing her, i planned on giving her a bit of a reward after 5 consecutive days of me being pleased. But with that refusal from her, i doubt i will be pleased today”
Jenny Maurer: “5 is not long enough”
[Kitty joins the scene]
Kitty Maurer: “oh, my pig found a new friend”
Lucy: “hello there”
Fuck Pig growls at kitty
Lucy: “actually I’m her owner”
[We learned that Dana is currently owned by Lucy]
Jenny Maurer: “Thank you for catching Dana Kitty”
Lucy: “Slave, one more and after punishment, its off to FM with you”
Kitty Maurer giggles
Fuck Pig: “oink,oink,snort”
Kitty Maurer: “she oinks so nicely”
Lucy: “sadly, I cant decide her fate in FM, since she is my slave”
Kitty Maurer: “cuuuuuute!!!”
Kitty Maurer applauds
Lucy: “they dont allow it, biased bs basically, so I have to let another judge take care of her when/if she gets sent to FM”

Wednesday, October 19th, Kitty send me two pictures to prove that she has fulfilled her little assignment (what I knew already from Mistress Jenny)

October 18th: Kitty looking at pig Dana

October 18th: Kitty looking at pig Dana

Kitty Maurer: “Piggy Dana”
Kitty Maurer grins
Diomita Maurer: “well done, Kitty!”
Kitty Maurer: “thank you, Mistress Diomita.”
Diomita Maurer: “is she where I met you?”
Kitty Maurer: nooo… hahaha, that was the best part. Just by coincidence, her owner showed up and she took Dana with her and will give her some prison time at FM, Kitty believes. Mistress Jenny was there as well… and had a conversation with Dana’s owner”

October 18th: pig Dana

October 18th: pig Dana

Sorry Dana, that assignment wasn’t done exactly as I wished, but now you get another expierence being a pig and you can look forward being a cow later, once you leave FM and Lucy is generous *winks*


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  1. Kitty
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 10:05:34

    Kitty checked the cow-trap and it was clearly too skinny and the udders were too flat for Dana. Nobody would have recognized her… so Kitty decided on something more characteristic for Dana… 🙂


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