Kitty, the innocent angel

Here’s another one from our Kitty. Friday, October 28th, Mistress Jenny and I got this offline IM together with a picture ….

Dear Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita,
have you ever wondered where all these beautifully wicked, completely unexpected and unsolicited ideas come from? Not the ones that you come up with by thinking, but those that appear so suddenly, out-of-the-blue like a soft, gentle yet irresistible voice deep inside your head, making you squirm, making you cringe and maybe even making you blush before seducing you into acting out this naughty idea and sending you on a spontaneous, most delightful journey down on Kinky Lane. Could that soft, irresistible voice possibly belong to the innocent little angel on your shoulder who knows no greater joy than to whisper such sweet, twisted nothings into your ear? Have you noticed how this angel quivers for lust when those thoughts finally shatter your former firm limits… Lucky are those who have a Kitty near their ears… mmmmuuuuah!!!!.xox

Ocotber 28th: Kitty the innocent angel

Ocotber 28th: Kitty the innocent angel

oh… just in case a slave complains… feel free to put the blame squarely on that angel…

Thank you Kitty!

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