Kitty turns 9

Today is  Kitty Maurer’s (Santana.Thibedau) 9th rezzday. What a coincidence that I just recently blogged about her not having the upcoming rezzday in mind. I think that the post “Kitty formerly known as Santana” sums it up quite well, in particular the picture that Kitty made for us showing her nowadays in front of the picture of Santana. Santana is our first and oldest sub. He was a rebellious man who challenged us before he gave in as he couldn’t resist to our femininity anymore. Santana was always adventurous and curios and one day was transformed into a cat, a female, our Kitty. What began as a play for some weeks lasts now for many years and Santana is now our Kitty. She still is always adventurous and always curios. As we’re not in the same timezone, Kitty stays in touch by sending us nice offline IMs with compliments or reports about Kitty’s adventures. And she succeeds to conjure a smile on Mistress Jenny’s and me face every time we get such a message. We simply love our Kitty. Thank you for being our’s.

Happy rezzday, Kitty!

Ocotber 21st: Santana Thibedeau and Kitty Maurer on one picture

Ocotber 21st: Santana Thibedeau and Kitty Maurer on one picture

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  1. jennymaurer
    Nov 01, 2016 @ 16:00:39

    I agree with every word. Kitty is fun and always brings a smile into our world. The time since we caught you has flown by.
    Have a good day and many more to follow. xxxxxxx


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