Hide & Seek Winter Wonderland

In August I visited Hide & Seek the first time and wrote about it here. The post ended with: “I really enjoyed my visit and would like to hide there more often.” As so often in life I only intended to visit again but I didn’t find the time for it. And just a few days ago I got a notecard titeled “{Hide & Seek} Winter Wonderland now OPEN!”.

November 27th: A visit to Hide & Seek Winter Wonderland

November 27th: A visit to Hide & Seek Winter Wonderland

You arrive at Hide & Seek at a train station and are welcomed with the words “Have you been a good girl this year? HoHoHo – Merry Christmas everyone!” (supposed you have your sound on). Outside is a lovely snowy town, decorated for the season and below the station’s clock is a board indicating the days left until Christmas. The name of the sim really fits – it’s a wonderland, just like you wish the world around you to be during the season: All covered with snow, nicely decorated, peaceful, cold and sunny and inviting to stay. 20161127-hide-seek-winter-wonderland_016At the end of the town is a big frozen pond for ice skating and behind it is a hut. I went to the hut and inside and it is such a nice place to stay and dream or to have a chat with a close friend. As with the “Summer”-edition of Hide & Seek, there are again mayn places to sit and cuddle or as the name implies to hide.

November 27th: Hiding at Hide & Seek Winter Wonderland

November 27th: Hiding at Hide & Seek Winter Wonderland

Thank you Seth Theodore Reign (sethcohen.nirvana) for providing this hideaway for us.

Landmark to Hide & Seek
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