TY Valkyrie

Sunday, December 11th, we got an inviation by Jeseesla T’nedri (jill.wirefly) to visit TY Valkyrie, a space station. TY Valkyrie is where Tai Yong Labs, cybernetic and biomedical research and development corporation, is operating. We, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, our christmas tree slave D and myself, brought some seasonal spirit into this technical, science fiction world and Jeseesla gave a tour to us.

December 11th: TY Valkyrie station

December 11th: TY Valkyrie station

The station is not opened yet but close to opening. The crew’s assignment is to study plant and other life and the crew is also in charge of producing food at the sation in a growing farm. But where is the crew recruited? Simply by catching! Anyone caught up here will be knocked out bonded and prepared for brainwashing and then transformed to be part of the crew. This transfpormation is a process of 4 steps:

December 11th: TY Valkyrie - processing step one

December 11th: TY Valkyrie – processing step one

The subject is injected with three shots a sleeping agent numbing agent and NNC after that is done and the subject is sleeping the NNC flows through the body. NNC stands for nano cells. They are nothing different from your white and red blood cells. The staff member sends the code from there it changes the subject by eating and desolving each organ and at the same time the NNC replace the cells that made that organ making it to what the code says to the NNC, while the changes happen the drones inside the pod is released coating the body in what looks like latex rubber from head to toe, by the time the subject is fully coated the changes are done and we move to stage two….”

December 11th: TY Valkyrie - processing step two

December 11th: TY Valkyrie – processing step two

This is stage two. Before you is the fitting chamber where the subject is placed in the chamber and it is filled with a goo compound while the top of the chamber lowers robotic arms placing metal plates on the arms then the legs and the waist each time the plates make contacted with the suit is bubbles and forms the boots gloves and corset as you see me wearing, after all of that the chamber drains out as the arms retracted to the top and releases the subject free (this is still to be edited to be a goo right now its a status chamber….so yeah) after this we go to stage three….”

December 11th: TY Valkyrie - processing step three

December 11th: TY Valkyrie – processing step three

This is stage three and the reason why the subjected is dosed with painkillers and sleeping pills so to speak. The subject is placed on the bed ass up while the two gun mounts line up on the back. The staff member or me is once again on the controls to set up the “code” system. The gun mounts on high pressure meaning its like a nail gun but more powerful then a nail gun. The gun mounts line up on the back of the subject where the spine is, once the guns are line up they press on the back and shoots a metal rode through the suit through the skin into the subjects spinal core. This causes the subject to bleed but not for long. The subject is then picked up and a power belt is locked on there waist. Once the belt locks on the suit comes alive witch ends stage three and we go to the last stage, stage four.
At stage four the subject is then rushed to the medic tanks and left in the tanks for anywhere from one hour to a full day it verys from each person. These tanks have special medical water keeping the subject from standing and the suits mask system filters the water into air but being this is special water it becames special air for the subject helping the suit heal the body.”

December 11th: TY Valkyrie - in the office

December 11th: TY Valkyrie – in the office

Finally we went to Jeseesla’s office and sat down and talked. When TY Valkyrie opens, Jeseesla plans to have a big party which will take place in another wing of the space station. We talked about Jeseesla’s further plans and she invited us to be part of the crew. Well, she invited Mistress Jenny and me, not the slaves *winks*. We might not find the time for that though.
Anyway, I was again surprised about the variety in Second Life. Incredible. There’s no kink nor fantasy that can’t be realised in this virtual world. I didn’t think about rubber when I thought about science fiction – now I do :-).
It was a very nice visit and tour and we enjoyed it. I hope that the TY Valkyrie will be a place for many people to live out their fantasies. For sure Jeseesla put a lot of hard work and emotions into this project. Good luck, TY Valkyrie!

Landmark to TY Valkyrie –  remember it is not yet finally finished

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