Minor building activity at our homesim Mount Everest

Linden Labs increased the prims for all sims a few weeks ago. Now we have considerably more prims availabe on or half of the sim. Of course you begin to think what do make out of it. First of all it allowed us to decorate our island for the season without considering what we should remove temporarily. That was great.
But what else can you do with the additional prims? Mistress Jenny and I don’t know as of now, but we will further develop our home. In Spring 2016 I refurbished our island the last time and I was not really fully happy with it. In particular the big chunk of a rock, that hid some of the underground maze, is not a real eye candy for me. And in addition this part of our island is mainly unused (not the underground). When Mistress returned from her short vacation I approached her with my plans for slight changes of Mount Everest and we agreed on. Basically I removed the large rock and changed the underground maze so that it is on one level now but it is even a bit larger than before. It has more rooms and less connecting tubes. I also shrunk our island a bit on the East side and subdivided our plot, so that our private skybox is now on a separate plot, allowing us a larger variety of privacy settings.

December 22nd: The rock is gone on our island

December 22nd – Minor building activity at our homesim Mount Everest: The rock is gone on our Island

I’m far from done yet, in particular there’s some detail work outstanding. We won some better usable space and we will fill that slowly in the upcoming weeks. Don’t be surprised when you see some contruction going on.

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