Our homesim Mount Everest

In December 2016 I began to refurbish our homesim a little bit (see here). I didn’t like the big rock anymore and we had noticed that the main part of our island wasn’t really used. I removed the large rock and changed the underground maze so that it is on one level now but it is even a bit larger than before. It has more rooms and less connecting tubes. I also shrunk our island a bit on the East side and subdivided our plot, so that our private skybox is now on a separate plot, allowing us a larger variety of privacy settings.
On the ground level we added a patio with a slut and slave wall and some loungers. This spot has a touch of the old Stonehaven patio, a place where we started our Second Life. Stonehaven is long gone but still has it’s place in our memories. Next to this patio I built the “Maurer’s slave and slut platform”, a platform like the one at Lochme, at Ropers or at Bondage & Storage Project.
The larger space in the underground tempted us to build our own little fetish club as we like the atmosphere at club DeLust. For sure I copied some ideas from DeLust for our club but I hope it has it’s own character nonetheless. We called it “Fetisch Club Chez Maurer” (FCCM) and we plan to have an opening event some time soon (read here).

Jan 29th: The updated Welcome board

Jan 29th: The updated Welcome board

With January ending we decided to have spring in Second Life. One big upside of SL is that we decide about the weather and the season and can be a little bit ahead of time and enjoy an early spring. The snow is melted (not just by slave cecy but also with a little help of sim settings) and I added some green, bushes, trees and flourishing flowers. For right now the main building activies are done. We will just add some little details here and there. Consequently it was also about time to revise the two boards at the landing point. The left welcome board now also contains the sign of our fetish club. The map on the right board is updated now and also shows the way to the FCCM.

Jan 29th: updated map of Mount Everest

Jan 29th: updated map of Mount Everest

I removed the teleport pad for “The Keep” and added a new teleport pad close to the entrance of the club. That is a quite central teleport point now as there’s not just the entrance to the club. The slave and slut platform, the “Stonehaven” patio and “The Keep” are all close by.

I hope everybody enjoys the improved layout. We’re happy with it.

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  1. jennymaurer
    Feb 04, 2017 @ 23:18:55

    More than happy. A lot of hard work has produced some exciting places for us to play and relax with our family. Thank you Diomita


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