Yhorm – a fantasy world

December 30th, 2016: Yhorm

December 30th, 2016: Yhorm

On Friday, December 30th, 2016, I went simploring again. Inara Pey’s article “Yhorm: a stunning new role-play location in Second Life” inspired me to visit Yhorm. Yhorm is a fantasy role play world and another stunning example of the possibilites of Second Life and of the creativity of it’s residents. Yharm was build by Stark Osterham and his Second Life partner, Cailin Beorn.
I’m not at all a fan of fantasy and have little to no knowledge about it, I don’t know anything about the Lord of Rings or Tolkien, but the pictures and the very detailed description of Yharm in Inara Pey’s blog post inspired me to take a look at Yharm, which will be opened for roleplay Mid of January 2017.

You arrive at a landing skybox where you can learn about the roles and the concept of the fantasy world. Instead of trying to understand the fantasy I just copied the explanations to provide them here.20161230-yhorm_023 20161230-yhorm
But how the heck do I get from the landing sky box to Yharm? I found no teleport pad and every try to reach the ground failed and brought me back to skybox. Finally another visitor helped me and later also Cailin told me. You need to click on the location lists of the maps in the skybox and grant the expierence request – et voila!
Yharm has two parts a huge city that raises into the sky with the Dark Chapel at its top. From there you can walk down through narrow passages, stairs and walkways. Inside it is a medieval world but the enormous extension into the sky is not medieval, it’s fantasy. I roamed a bit through the city and was overwhelmed by the impressions I got. A really very impressive building work that provides lots a opportunities to take pictures.20161230-yhorm_024
Yharm’s second part is Nurem Cavern. You can travel to it from the landing sky box. Another way to get there is to find the big huge court in the city with a deep hole at the center. If you dare to walk down you will reach Nurem Cavern. The Cavern looks like ruins of another big city, maybe a sunken former world. These two world connected build the setting for the fantasy roleplay.20161230-yhorm_025
I hope that Yhorm attracts a lot of roleplayers as I can see the effort and the passion that went into this sim. And there’s also a website that will support the play, see here.
And for all who don’t roleplay – just look at Yhorm, it is amazing!
Landmark to Yhorm (landing skybox)
Inara Pey’s blog post:
Yhorm’s Website

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