Simploring 2017 (3) God’s own county – The Yorkshire Dales

Saturday, January 14th, I went simploring. I followed a landmark that I found in someone’s profile and it turns out to be a real nice simploring tour. I went to The Yorkshire Dales. The LM description says about it: “The Yorkshire Dales are situated in the historic county of Yorkshire, UK. This beautiful rural countryside has been recreated for SL and is ideal for photos, time out and romance. Get a feel for Yorkshire heritage and enjoy the simple life.”20170114-the-yorkshire-dales_021
Upon your arrival you’ll get a notecard that introduces you to the creator, PinkRayne, her background growing up in UK and spending many hours with her family in the Yorkshire Dales, and in particular in Malhamdale. She brought some of it’s beauty to Second Life. “Malhamdale consists of a tiny village and vast amounts of stunning countryside including a cove, tarn and various waterfalls. I decided to build Malham village and Malham Cove for this project, the most dramatic features to be seen in Malham. The tiny, rustic village consists of little more than 2 pubs, a tearoom and a newsagents, and opposite this quaint little corner of the Dales is Malham Cove. Malham Cove is a dramatic, curved limestone formation. It was formed at the end of the ice age, 12,000 years ago, by a waterfall carrying meltwater.” (quote taken from the introductional notecard by PinkRayne).

January 14th: Arriving at "The Yorkshire Dales"

January 14th: Arriving at “The Yorkshire Dales”

January 14th: The Yorkshire Dales

January 14th: The Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales in SL is a small piece of rural UK, just a few houses, a cafe, a wind mill, agriculture, grazing horses, a high plateau with a waterfall and many places to sit be it to inhale the landscape, to dream or to cuddle. For couples there’s also a gazebo to dance. And that’s it what I did, I walked around looked for spots to take pictures, and I also just sat and gazed into the nature.20170114-the-yorkshire-dales_023

January 14th: "My" spot overlooking The Yorkshire Dales

January 14th: “My” spot overlooking the Yorkshire Dales

January 14th: Roaming through "The Yorkshire Dales"

January 14th: Roaming through “The Yorkshire Dales”

As it was quiet in SL for me, I listened to music and enjoyed. A great place to wind down. Something I have to share to Mistress Jenny.

Landmark for “The Yorkshire Dales”

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