Simploring 2017 (19) 1920’s New York Project

Today’s simploring tour is not about art nor about a romantic island or beautiful landscape, instead I visited New York in the 1920’s. I don’t remember exactly where and when I read about this project but it came to my mind again Sunday, March 12th, and I looked it up and went visiting this project sim.
You land in an arrival hall with the touch of the 1920’s, where you have to accept the basic rules to enter the sim. Proper dress code is required to visit and explore the sim. Fortunately there’s a vendor giving out a free proper dress, so I could go on. So what is this project about?
1920’s New York is a role-play sim set in 1926 lower Manhattan, a recreation project from the corner of Pearl & Broad St., (and when completed) – to South Street & The Old Slip. The project is not yet fully finished but main elements are already built. The sim is a project by Jogi Schultz. As 1920’s New York is a role-play sim you’re asked to behave like somone of that time and of course if you’re role-playing you should make up a good background for your former life, the reason you came to New York and what you’re gonna do there.I didn’t role-play during my short visit. Actually there weren’t many people there for role-play anyway. The intention of my visit was to see the sim. And I got great impressions! What catches your eyes first hand is the elevated railroad, in this case the 3rd Ave El. Elevated railroads were the mass transportation of NYC in the 1920’s, when the subway net was not as large as it is today. The elevated railroads were along the main avenues from South to North and were fully removed in the 1950’s. And of course I did not only walk along the 3rd Ave El, I also took it and drove with it from Front street to Hanover Square. Beside the elevated railroad you can do window shopping and look at the shops and get a feeling for life 90 years ago. It is of course also interesting to compare the sim with the city of New York of 1920 – and Jogi Schultz made a great job to keep the sim as close as possible to the orginal of 1920. I recommend that you read the blog 1920′ New York Project where Jogi compared pictures with the sim and described also the compromises he had to make in order to fit it into Second Life. But the main goal is not to build a replica, the main goal is to create a setting for role play.I enjoyed my visit, in particular as I read alot about NYC during the early years of the 20th century just recently. And I prepared to return and rented a small appartment. Thus I contributed a tiny little bit to the project and I have a NYC address now (for a month) and can return to 1920’s New York. Thank you very much for this sim, Jogi, good luck and I hope there will be many roleplayers joining. It is my Intention to return :-).
Landmark to 1920’s New York project sim
Homepage of the 1920’s New York project

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