Simploring 2017 (21) – Glory Hole Fuck House

Tuesday night, March 21st, I went on another “kinkploring” tour with slave Flo. Starting point was again a landmark that I found in a profile while visiting a club. We visited the Glory Hole Fuck House. Let’s begin with the description: “Coming to the Glory Hole Fuck House will put you in danger of getting fucked! porn cinema, D/S, Dom, domme, femdom, glory hole, gangbang, cum slut, cock whore, sissy, ...”. Well with this description and this name I expected it to be a sordid place that is normally below my standard (am I opionated? Yes, I am), a place where I expect horny males, mostly newbies, just seeking pure sex. In short a place I won’t visit in RL.

March 21st: Diomita arriving at the Glory Hole Fuck House with slave Flo

The landing point did fulfill all my expectations. Big advertisment boards and many places for advertisment are still to be rented out. I got a bot IMing me, I got a notecard with rules, I was asked to display my profile, but – and against my expectiations the place was quite emptry, at least at the time we visited (at around 1 PM PST / 9 PM GMT).

The Glory Hole Fuck House itself is huge and spacious and you can watch porn movies on big video boards at the walls. I tried but the video boards were not working (or is there a fee for that? Maybe the boards only work at certain times?). There’s a lot of equipment , chairs, cushions, furs, dance poles, beds, just everything for sex. But you will have no intimacy here. And the noise level is quite high. There’s a seperate hall for bondage and for femdom. I have to admit that the gear and bdsm furniture is from well known brands. Overall I had the impression that the club is quite new.

March 21st: Diomita with slave Flo at the Glory Hole Fuck House

As long as you’re not harassed by men with ridiculous big cocks or by newbies just seeking sex, the club could be a place to return, or maybe a place for a subtle humiliation play.
Landmark to Glory Hole Fuck House

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