Diary 2017 (45) March 27th / March 28th – Green

Time for a short diary entry, about a short but relaxing night on Monday, March 27th. It began late and ended early due to RL. Mistress Jenny and I spend the night at The Secret House and we had slave Flo, slave Adarra and Argi with us and hence some chatting there.

March 27th at TSH: slave Adarra, Argi, slave Flo, Diomita and Mistress Jenny

I had asked Mistress Jenny to retreat early as she gave free rein to a green light the night before. And of course I didn’t intend to miss it! It feels great to be in control of my very owned Mistress, different as how it was years ago .. but great. And most probably those who know us can see my pride *winks*

March 27th: Mistress Diomita and her very owned Mistress Jenny

Tuesday night, March 28th, we went on a kinkploring tour together (an entry about it is going to be published soon). And after the tour I enjoyed explosing my very owned Mistress at The Secret House, where we met Argi. That’s it for a short diary entry.

March 28th at TSH: Mistress Diomita and her very owned Mistress Jenny and Argi

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  1. jennymaurer
    Mar 29, 2017 @ 14:26:06

    You deserved this one for your loyalty and submission to me. It grows stronger each week and I do not want to erase your right to hold my keys.


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