Simploring 2017 (23) – PeTOu

PeTOu is a sim which I visited following Inara Pey’s blog. As always I refer to her blog entry about PeTOu “PeTOu’s perfection in Second Life” for here more detailed description. I have no idea what PeTOu stands for, maybe it is something Japanese. The creator and owner of PeTou, Uta (xoyuutaox), seems to be Japanese.
PeTOu offers several worlds. The world you land when visiting PeTOu has the second name “Oriental” and it’s the main sim, which is just overwhelming in it’s beauty. And, fitting to spring, everywhere the cherry trees are blooming. WOW. Right next to the landing point you’ll find teleport pads to visit the other parts of PeTOu, which are smaller and placed into skyboxes.
Back to PeTOu – Oriental. I walked over the sim and enjoyed the power of colours and of the blooming cherry trees. Center piece of Oriental is a Japanese House surrounded by water and many wooden walkways through the water, with platforms to enjoy the view. There are two dragons close to the house and one seems to have just destroyed one of the walkways. On the water are many many laterns and if you turn your light to midnight you get a particular impression. Overall, I can only say: just beautiful.Just a few words about the other worlds.
Roofs of Paris is what the name already hints, a small piece of Paris. You’re on the roofs of Paris overlooking other roofs. There’s an atelier inside with some pieces of art and you can sit in a nice chair ourside on a roof terrace and enjoy.
R2 cafe is a very colourful cafe in a skybox that offers some games to play. I didn’t try the games but it was not greedy or any of the board games I know in Second Life.
Japan torii is nice but hard to describe and you might need to know more about Japan. There are bridges, fences, Japanese Arcs, laterns and many white and green flowers and gras but there’s no ground. Hence you walk somehow in the air. And the scenery is a night. It has for sure its temptations, but I didn’t understand if it has a deeper meaning or is just a piece of art.
Koi is a skybox with a pond with two Koi. Koi or more specifically nishikigoi (literally “brocaded carp”), are ornamental varieties of domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens (source Wikipedia).Magnolia is my favourite among the skyboxes of PeTOu. It is similar to “Japan torii” but dedicated to magnolias. Your are literally wurrounded by the beautiful blossoms. Just amazing.
Inara summarized her visit “PeTOu is a marvellous environment for exploring and for simply getting away from everything, be it time spent on the ground, or up in one of the skybox locations”. I can’t express it any better.
Thank you Uta, for providing PeTOu for the public. I enjoyed my visit very much.
Landmark to PeTOu
Inara Pey’s blog post “PeTOu’s perfection in Second Life”
Flickr group for PeTou

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