Simploring 2017 (24) Sarah’s Sanctuary

Tuesday, March 28th, late afternoon I made a quick “Kinkploring” tour and revisited Sarah’s Sanctuary. The place rings a bell for those in Second Life as long as we are. I remember that it always was a place for RLV play with a lot of gear, and I remember about dolls. The landmaork descriptions is also about dolls, but also of a lot more nowadays “A cozy little hangout on Dolly Dreams, home to the Drone Station, a pile of RLV transformation toys, a ZCS network, and a fun Bubblizer arena!  SP Scripting lives here too.

March 28th: Diomita at Sarah’s Sanctuary

I landed in a busy place, there were dolls and drones, many boards, a Bubblizer arena (we have that at home as well, but we didn’t play for years now), a greedy and the main chat was so busy that I couldn’t follow it.

Ok, I know Sarah’s Sanctuary is about dolls and I saw a board “Doll Detention Zone” and grabbed a notecard. Here’s what the doll play is about:
Welcome to the Doll Detention Zone! This is a cozy little area for all of your dolly detention needs.  And yes, it’s pink.  So how does it work, you ask?  Here is the quick guide!
The doll detention zone works with the help of a detention bracelet, which is acquired in the transformation chamber in the small changing room on the second floor.  Here are the relevant details:
1) The bracelet will lock the wearer’s skin. This is to facilitate the sense that the doll is, at its most basic form, a doll.  When initially transformed, there are options for the type of doll.  This will leave a doll rather naked and bald.  You are expected to dress yourself and put on a nice wig of your own.
2) RLV restrictions will change based on location.  For example, a doll will only be able to change outfits in the room on the second floor.  Teleporting will only be available when standing near the helipad on the third floor.
3) It is okay to leave!  If a doll is free enough to make it to the third floor, they are quite free to teleport away and go on a field trip.  Every so often, restrictions will be added until the doll returns.
4) The bracelet can only be unlocked by its keyholder.  So, if your master/mistress has decided to leave you here, well, you are stuck playing the rules of the game until you can convince them otherwise!
Have fun, dolls!
~ Sarah ~
Ananta Shesha (sarah.passerine)
I visited the Doll Detention Zone that is in a skybox and look futuristic now. But overal, from what I understood, the basics of the dollification and the doll game is still the same.
What I saw more at Sarah’s Sanctuary are Drones, from my (very little understanding) another, moderen scifi form of a doll, who can be restricted in any way by its owner, in particular regarding IM’s, hearing, chatting and vision. At Sarah’s Sanctuary are vendors for all kinds of drones.
Reading the Landmark description again, I have to confess, that I have no idea what the ZCS network is – and I have no idea who SP Scripting is. I saw vendors for SP-S (is that a product) and it had to do with milking. There’s a quite large community of people who are into “milking”. Their avatars look like human cows with large udder and mild is collected and eeven sold. Maybe SP-S has to do with it. Be it Drones or Cows, it must have it temptation to get into such an environment. But it also affords to dive deep into it to understand the rules and the gear you need. Both (Drones and Cows) are not at all my cup of tea.
I’m happy that Sarah’s Sanctuary is still around and obviously going strong. If Mistress Jenny and I find the time, we should explore the place and the opportunities. What I can imagine to transform one or more of our slaves into a doll, just for our fun.
P.S.: If you know more about this ZCS network or about SP-S, leave a comment 🙂
Landmark to Sarah’s Sanctuary

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