Diary 2017 (51) April 9th – Mission failed

Sunday night, April 9th, we – Mistress Jenny, Angelique, slavin C and I – went on a kinkploring tour to check some of the landmarks that I collected from profiles over the last weeks. First we went to the Femmilly Fetish House, home and playground for the Femmilli family. We landed in an empty skybox , that only contained a teleporter pad, but teleporting is only permitted for group or family members, hence no admittance for us. Next we went to M&M Dungeon. I didn’t remember being there before but Mistress Jenny told me that we were there before, she remembered the place and we went to see the “teddy bear prison” there, a prison I remember well from Ralf’s playground (another sim to revisit soon). Mistress didn’t want to stay, so we went on to Nieuw Amsterdam. It didn’t surprise me that we landed in a red light district as Amsterdam is famous for it. Unfortunately it was very laggy there and some of us had problems, and as slut cecy just came online we stopped the kinkploring tour without taking a closer look and went home to pick her up. To sum it up: Mission failed. We didn’t find anything that excited or attracted us this night. But nonetheless we had fun. No post without a picture. Back home from the unsuccessful tour I took a picture.

April 9th at the patio at home: slave slut cecy, Angelique, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slavin C

You might notice that Angelique and I wear the same dress. Angelique and Mistress Jenny had their fun teasing me. Angelique dressed like me and during the tour, she even wore a shorter haircut comparable to mine and she wore glasses (remark: a big upside of SL! You can change your hairstyle within seconds). And Mistress made remarks that she can’t say who is who anymore provoking and challenging me.

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