Simploring 2017 (28) Maison de L’amitié

Saturday, April 8th, I went on a simploring tour. I decided to visit Maison de L’amitié, a homestead sim owned by Corina Wonder – a place made with love how she writes herself about it. Maison de L’amitié is French and translates to house of friendship. I once again followed Inara Pey’s blog “Maison de L’amitié in Second Life”, where you can find a detailed description.
Maison de L’amitié looks like a Mediterranean island, it is a picturesque little harbour village with a large beach and with a lot to discover.
You land on the street between the fishing harbour and the village. I went along the street to explore the big mansion with the surounding park first. The park is small but has all what you’d expect from a park, including a fountain. I went into the mansion, on the ground level is a registration desk, a room with a piano, an office and a room with  fireplace, suite and a harp. On the first floor there are 2 rooms for ballet lessons and a locker room. So I conclude that the mansion is used as a music and ballet school.
The village is really picturesque and  offers many lovely views. I visited the book store and the fruit shop. I really loved the board at the fruit shop “Peace – Love – Juice”. Firstly you can’t buy peace or love and secondly you could find a slippery meaning of it. Exploring the village I came to the site of the broken Lighthouse, something I never saw in Second Life nor in reality. And as you would expect from a little Mediterrean village, there seems to be enough money for building another new lighthouse but there’s no money nor time nor necessity to remove the ruins of the old lighthouse.
Last but not least I took a walk along the beach. There are a lot of places to sit and cuddle and to dream. Near the new lighthouse is a nude beach, yet I could resist to have a nude sun bath, although it was tempting.I enjoyed this short vacation, this visit and the impressions. Thank you Corina Wonder for providing this sim to all of us. I strongly recommend to visit it.
Landmark to Maison de L’amitié
There’s a flickr page for pictures of Maison de L’amitié
Inara Pey’s bog entry about Maison de L’amitié

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