Diary 2017 (54) April 15th – My Easter Surprise

As reported in the last diary entry the last days were quiet. I also wrote that Mistress is shortening my leash again as my 4th collaring anniversary is coming up on Friday, April 21st. There was acutally no collaring ceremony 4 years ago. We became mutually owned some time in 2012 and in April 2013 on the occasion of a green light, that I granted to Jenny, we just picked a day to have a date for it. My full submission to Mistress built up in the following years and was completed on the occasion of our 8th wedding anniversary in October 2016. But now we do have this collaring date and hence an anniversary to celebrate. And just 2 month later, June 5th, we will celebrate Jenny’s 9th collaring anniversary.
So with my collaring anniversary coming up, I thought Mistress would shorten my leash more and more. When we met Saturday afternoon, April 15th, Mistress took me to Domme a Domme and leashed me there at the “Failed Domme” sign while we caught up with RL and SL in IM. Angelique came by also and someone else made the remark “nice failed domme you have, Jenny”. Mistress corrected that and answered “Diomita isn’t failed, just owned. She still heads our family” and Angelique added “and beloved by many”. That did do me good, as I do not see myself as a failed domme. I only submit to Mistress Jenny. Everybody else will see my domme side up, in particular our slaves.Mistress had to leave and we went back to our skybox. Mistress unlocked all my cuffs, she unlocked my thick leather collar and replaced it with the small partnering jewelery collar, that she wears herself for me. What a surprise! I wasn’t prepared for that and a bit confused. Instead of further shortening my leash, she let it go – until Friday, April 21st. That is my Easter surprise. It feels strange, but I will get used to it easily and take advantage of it as much as I can 🙂

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