Diary 2017 (60) – Dio’s 4th collaring anniversary

As I mentioned a few days ago in a diary post here my offcially 4th collaring days was Friday, April 21th. As this is our regularly dance night, we celebrated it dancing. But Mistress had something in mind for me for this day and she told me about it the night before when we visited club DeLust before going to bed. She unlocked my partner jewelery collar Friday before we went dancing and I had to ask her to lock the thick leather and steel collar, which is labeled with “Ehesklavin”, around my neck. I will have to wear more permanently from now on as a visible sign of my submission to her and even when I get my green lights. When Mistress grants me to wear another collar, I had to promise to accept it back on without hesitating. Hence even in this way Mistress Jenny has turned the tables now and completed my submission to her. Thank you, Mistress Jenny. And also thank you for the last years as your collared wife and property and lately as your Ehesklavin. I hope that we’ll have many more to come, no matter in which balance between us.
I love you, Mistress Jenny.

April 21st: Diomita getting her thick “Ehesklavin” collar again

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