Diary 2017 (62) April 23rd / 24th – slut cecy is back

Now that I wear the thick leather and steel “Ehesklavin” collar, I have to get used to the stricter rules that Mistress Jenny implemented. I have no idea how long I am to wear this collar now but it won’t be for just a few days. My domme side has to focus on the slaves, but I’m pretty sure, they will enjoy it (even when they won’t tell). Both nights, Sunday and Monday, April 23rd and Monday 24th were quiet. One time Mistress Jenny left me locked up at our skybox when we met in the afternoon and I took a few pictures for the blog.Our slut cecy returned from her vacation Sunday night. It took a while to get her used to us again and not to question commands but I think she’s back on the right way now. Therefor we rewarded her and stored her in the voting cage at Lochme Monday night before we went off to bed. That’s it for the blog right now.

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