Diary 2017 (63) April 25th – The voting

To my surprise slave slut cecy didn’t make it out of the voting cage as quick as she did once before although she had “only” 15 votes to get. Tuesday night, April 25th, she was still in the cage and the timer showed over 8 hours – and still 11 votes to get, according to Mistress Jenny who visited her before we met. After Mistress Jenny and I had caught up, we took slave Flo with us to Lochme to check about our slut. We had in mind to release her and to have her and slave Flo entertaining us. But as so often, plans are hard to realize in SL (so better don’t make too many). When we arrived at the voting cage there was quite a crowd standing around it. And slut had only 5 more votes to get out of the cage. What a performance within 30 minutes! We couldn’t take slut cecy out just like that with such a crowd around the cage who had their fun with voting. It turned out that Mistress Jenny helped our slut and ungagged her when she visited her earlier, so that she could organize votes via IM. Our slave slut cecy did really well! We watched for about 15 or 20 minutes, then slut had managed to be released. As slave Flo had to go to bed, we took slut home and had our way with her at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer. While we fucked her hard with our strapons we once again laid out our rules. slave cecy needs to learn her place as our slave and faces some more severe punishments, punishments that she won’t like at all – and that’s not something like being exposed in the voting cage, which is sort of a  reward for her. We will see if she understood the message *winks*.
Again time went by way too quickly. Mistress Jenny and I just chilled for a bit at club DeLust before bed – and that’s it for the diary.

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