Simploring 2017 (36) Fies ist geil!

My simploring tour on April 30th lead me to “Fies ist geil!“. I got the landmark from Angelique, who told that I shouldn’t expect to see anyone at this sim but that is is a really a nice build. “Fies ist geil!” is German and not easy to translate, “fies” means evil, mean, or nasty and “geil” means hot or horny and was youth slang in German quite a while ago used for everyhting exciting.
When I landed I was confused as I didn’t see much really. Just a train station with a train and a forest and all powered with snow. I zoomed in and out and after a while I could see some huts, trailers, even a house hidden in the forest and some roads. That was not what I expected from the landmarks description: “Erotic art, BDSM, bondage, fetish, sex, house of gord, forniphilia, black humor, leather, latex, nylon, lycra, spandex, lingerie, clown, carnival, red light district, bitch, whore, prostitute, free roleplay, English, German, Deutsch“. Is there a teleport? No. Well, then I began to look around. I entered the train and inside I saw passengers (statues not avatars). They look quite real and all are not what you would exspect in a train: a fat clown with balloons, 3 dolls placed on the seats like passengers, a woman smoking and drinking at a bar, a woman in lingerie, a doll’s pram. And outside on the station platform I saw a group of passengers, who all look a bit weired, one is naked, the other dressed like an hippie of the 1970ies, a bloodied girl …very strange people.
You need to be patient, it takes some time until the mesh statues have loaded. But the particular attraction of “Fies ist geil!” are these statues, who make the scenery alive in a very strange and surreal way.
I went on to the trailer park, which looks really shabby and dirty. I could literally smell cheap and dirty sex and crime. Everything here is to run away quickly, be it the fat guy with his baseball bat at the gun range, or the giant clown at the entrance to the trailer park or the boozehounds laying in front of another trailer. And even the whore waiting for clients in front of another trailer is not attracting at all. I peeked into some of the trailers, as expected dirty and not inviting.
A bit farer away is a house hidden in the forest. Inside I didn’t see much (maybe I was not patient enough and should have waited longer for mesh statues to rezz?), except a doll sitting in a chair and another guy just standing here. The scenery reminded me a bit of Halloween. When I walked out I first noticed the snowman and then the dead hung bloodied bunny doll.
Fies ist geil!” is different and quite unique. In my opinion it is very artful and offers a lot of opportunities for surrealistic pictures. It’s radical different. Elena (Tatjana Kuhn) owns the sim and I looked up her profile. She herself describes “Fies ist geil!” as black humor mixed with erotic and bdsm. I didn’t see anthing that I would categorize as bdsm but it might be planned or I just didn’t find it.
Fies ist geil!” is right sim if you like it different and if you’re not scared seeing weired or bloodied people. Thank you Elena, for providing the sim to the public. I will come back to check how it will further develop.
Landmark to “Fies ist geil!”

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