Simploring 2017 (37) Cerridwens Cauldron

When I visited Enchanted Art on one of my latest simploring tours (read here) I came across Elicio Ember, who created the Botanical Garden, the main gallery and some other piece there. Elicio makes is a plastic artist and desginer and makes fantasy landscapes, plants, architecture and art. Elicio has an own sim and an own store, Cerridwens Cauldron, and invited me over to visit both. Thursday, May 11th, I visited Cerridwens Cauldron.

After seeing Enchanted Art, I was not surprised as I was surrounded by glowing colourful plants and a particular fantasy atmosphere upon my arrival at the Emerald lounge. Cerridwens Cauldron consists of several caves, some nice places by the sea and a huge tree that dominates the sim. Exploring it in depth will take many hours, I got just a small insight during my one hour visit. The caves and different levels are connected by stairs, plateaus and spiral stairs. Wherever you turn you get new views, you dicover new things, amazing! I couldn’t decide which light to take for my pictures. Cerridwens Cauldron can be seen in the sunshine as well as at night. At night the glowing effects are stronger and some edges do look better at night in my opinion, but art and taste is nothing you can discuss. Cerridwens Cauldron offers many places to meet, to cuddle and to enjoy as well as several dance floors. It is a prefect place to retreat to with your loved one and to spent a romantic night.

Elicio’s store is embedded in the Lost Halls floating castle on another height level of the sim and it is there you’ll usually arrive if you don’t have another landmark. The store is a piece of art itself. Besides the vendors, you might not realize that you’re in a store. It is fun and enjoyable just to walk around and the look at the architecture and the plants and light effects. You can purchase most of what I saw, I think at reasonable prices. If you want to buy larger builds you can see them at a seperate rez platform. I went there and rezzed a 200m tall fantasy tower (The Tower of Dawn). The way Elicio placed the products is very tasteful and I couldn’t resist to buy some of the glowing flowers and gras for our own sim. There’s also a teleporter network to travel around the different places and attraction at Cerridwens Cauldron.

Cerridwens Cauldron is worth a visit for sure, be it to get something decorative or be it just to enjoy. Thank you Elicio for providing this lovely place to us all!
Landmark to Cerridwens Cauldron (Emerald Lounge)
Landmark to Cerridwens Cauldron (Lost Hall – store)

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