Diary 2017 (87) May 28th – Enjoying my property (II)

Sunday, May 28th, I continued enjoying my property Jenny. Instead of the NGW hood, I silenced her with the Mo penis pacifier, one of Jenny’s favourite gags. I took her first to Domme a Domme where we caught up with all RL and SL news while she knelt at my side. We got some nice comments but overall Domme a Domme was quite silent. I decided to take Jenny to Psi’s realm and tried another suspension bondage. My property simply looks great in bondage, doesn’t she?

After some teasing at Psi’s realm we went to Angel of Pain’s BDSM island. At the tower there’s a platform reaching out over the sea and I wanted to try it out and to find out if Jenny is free from giddiness (she is, at least I heard no complains, but she was still gagged at that time). It’s hard to resist when my property is suspended and tied up that helplessly. I took my strapon and had my way with her and some might have heard her shouting “Thank you, Mistress Diomita”, when I took her gag off.

After some time at club DeLust to wind down, we had 3 games of Yahtzee at home, we didn’t play it for a long time. Just the right thing it finish off a lovely, relaxing night with my very owned property and wife Jenny.

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