Diary 2017 (88) May 29th – Enjoying my property and the slaves

Monday afternoon, May 29th, I took Jenny to Costa Blanco, where I was on one of my latest simploring tours. It took a while to find the house with the Shibari ring again, but I found it. Unfortunately the Shibari ring doesn’t offer capturing a victim. And only the person “sitting” on it can select a pose. Jenny showed all possible poses to me and I selected one. In this pose I began teasing her and I made some pictures.
I spoke to Gabrian Lascelles, the owner of Costa Blanco, a few days before and he told me about a gallery near the harbour, which we visited. In this gallery Gabrain exhibits some pictures of the southernmost province of Sweden and you can see how close Costa Blanco looks like a place in this province “When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random”. He also told me that he isn’t finished yet and I will come back to see what is new and how close to the original Gabrian can get.
After this tour we still had some time left and I took my property to Domme a Domme where I placed her into a bondage fram called “Retainer”. It is a strict bondage frame not allowing any movement and I do like the pose very much. I enjoyed exposing my property this way and I got some feedback as well. When it was time for both of us to turn towards our RL, I left Jenny restricted by the retainer at Domme a Domme. When I returned at night, Jenny could report that she got some attention and could enjoy.
At night we had slavin C and slave slut cecy online. We picked up slut cecy at S & L Storage. Picking her up took longer than thought as slut wasn’t able to beg properly to be released from her little cage. We had to train and exercise that again. In the meanwhile she couldn’t hold back peeing and and pissed in the cage – embarrassing. At home we took slavin C and slut cecy to our dungeon. Our slut cecy’s chastity belt was open since her collaring anniversary over 10 days ago. It was time to close it again as we shouldn’t spoil her too much. But before closing it she should have a last orgasm in both worlds. And as slavin C still wore a penis gag (with the dildo outside) it was obvious what to do. We allowed slut cecy to ride this dildo. It was entertaining for Jenny and me and we spent a nice hour with our two slaves. slut cecy’s chastity belt is closed again now for an uncertain period of time. We stored slavin C at “The Keep” and gave orders to complete cleaning the house to slut cecy.
That’s about it for right now

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