Simploring 2017 (46) – Le Sixième Sens

Tuesday, June 13th, I made another simploring tour. Inara Peys’ blog “A sixth sense in Second Life” caught my attention as I was in the mood something just naturally peaceful.
Le Sixième Sens is French and means “The sixth sense”. The sim is designed by Yeiyaiel and Natacha Haroldsen, they are partnered in Second Life. Le Sixième Sens is the home of the Knicks Knacks mainstore, which is owned by Natacha Haroldsen. The shop offers design buliding elements and other stuff for interior and exterior decoration. You land exactly in front of the main entrance of this shop. I had a quick look around and yes, there’s some stuff that really looks nice.

The Knicks Knacks mainstore is the biggest building of the Tuscan village and dominating the market court. There are some other smaller store at the court, smaller stores, like boutiques that you would expect there, so the village is also a place to shop.

Le Sixième Sens consists of three islands, the village is on the main island. The seccond largest island is farmland. On it’s one end is a ruin with same nice places to sit and cuddle. And there’s the broken lighthouse that I saw on another sim already. That fits well to the ruin. Besides the farm there’s wine and a lovely house on the top of the vineyard. The smallest island is more or less just a rock with a little house on it’s top, that is used as an artist’s workshop.

Le Sixième Sens is beautiful and pitoresque. The pictures i took look like watercolour, amazing. It is as if you were walking and sitting in a picture. I can’t express is any better than Inara did in her blog entry “Le Sixième Sens retains a wonderfully relaxed feel, offering the kind of setting you hope to find whilst travelling on vacation; a place that calls on you to stop, explore, run your fingers lightly over the delicate curl of flower petals and watch the water slip slowly under bridge and bough.”

Thank you Natacha Haroldsen and Yeiyaiel for providing this spot of Mediterrean peace to all of us.

Landmark to Le Sixième Sens
Inara Pey’s blog about Le Sixième Sens

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