Diary 2017 (101) June 23rd – Maddie

Friday, June 23rd, I found Maddie (madisonrayne02) around, nicely tied up in the terrace cell at our main house. This time I took some pictures. Maddie was still in a quite rebellious mood, she growled and glared at me and just the gag prevented her from cursing me. I love it when slaves-to-be resists their unevitable fate. While Maddie was still gagged, I explained her situation to her, the choice she has. Well there’re none but getting enslaved the hard way or getting enslaved more cooperating. I took the whip from her hip and took it myself. When I first removed her gag, she was still rebellious and when I took off her gag she asked way to many “why?” questions instead of showing respect. She had spotted my cuffs and in particular the keys that were out and she concluded that there’s an opportunity to escape and to get revenge. But of course I had prevented her from touching and locked up like she was, how could she even think about it. The fact that I am owned myself and submitted to Mistress Jenny and am wearing cuffs doesn’t make me less dominant to everybody else.

After Maddie failed to listen and to obey and after she failed to adress me properly twice, I gagged her again and was about to leave so that she had time to think about it and about her situation but with her pleading eyes she convinced me to give her a third chance. This time she was more respectful and more cooperative. I decided to show are around at her new home and dragged her around our home at a leash. When we returned from the little tour around our island, Maddie was less rebellious and tried to be a good slave girl. I rewarded her and didn’t add the bar between her ankles again when I locked her up in the terrace cell again.

Welcome to your nightmare, slave Maddie.

And Friday night? Yes, party at Mount Everst again. We had the theme “summer” and were dressed accordingly. And Virgo selected great music again, songs about summer and some great oldies. Mistress Jenny and I had lots of fun.

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