Simploring 2017 (50) Follow Your Bliss (II)

I recently got a message that Follow Your Bliss has been closed for remodelling. Today, Saturday, June 24th, Follow Your Bliss was reopened. I was several times at Follow Your Bliss before and I wrote about it already twice, one time in 2016 (read here) and one time this year (read here) – hence this is the 3rd simploring blog post about Follow Your Bliss.

Follow Your Bliss is still “a place to relax, dream, breathe..” as it was before remodelling. But the character of the islands changed. Now it is a Japanese group of islands. The islands are all connected by land or by small brigdes and in the middle of the islands is a large laguna. The landing spot is in a modern Japanese style house, which is not yet furnished as the remodelling isn’t finished yet. I noticed a picture at the wall from Susan Mortonwold. It might be just a favourite of Sushi (elizabethnantes), who owns Follow Your Bliss, or it might be planned to exhibit more at – I don’t know.

Impressions of Follow Your Bliss remodelled (1)

As before you can explore Follow Your Bliss either on foot or with a boat, a Japanese boat of course. I explored on foot this time. Follow Your Bliss is a sim for dreamers, for those who love to sit and relax, to watch and observe or to mediate or to take pictures (what is my passion). And the Japanese style adds a bit of exotic to me as an European. There are some colourful bushes, pants and trees. The houses along the way are far enough apart from eachother so that you can enjoy some privacy when you sit on a terrace overlooking the laguna or the sea.

Impressions of Follow Your Bliss remodelled (2)

The character changes on the other side of the laguna. There are several houses, that are still empty. There’s a large barbecue site and several bars and small food stops. Then you can walk up on a hill and on its top is a big Buddha statue. Just some steps away is a tall Japanese Pagoda, that dominates this corner of the islands like a light house.

Impressions of Follow Your Bliss remodelled (3)

I ended my first visit to the remodelled Follow Your Bliss with a boat tour across the laguna. Form what I saw Follow Your Bliss is still the place to find some quietness and to relax as it was before although the character did really change. It’s new and unique. Thank you Sushi (elizabethnantes) for your work and for providing the sim to the public.

Landmark to Follow Your Bliss

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