Simploring 2017 (51) Toxxland Bisexual Fetish Den

Thursday afternoon, June 29th, Mistress Jenny took me simploring, well more precisely kinkploring. We went to Toxxland Bisexual Fetish Den. Mistress had acquired the URL from a another Jenny, who gave her this and two other lacations. Toxxland is a bisexual hangout & play den and tagged with “FFM, MMF, BDSM, voice, Dominatrix, fetish, D/s, kink, sensual, gay cruising, voyeurism, public voice play, Domination, submission, Femdom, Daddy Dom, babygirl, DD/bg”

The tags describe the den quite well. It is a huge kinky place with quite many different rooms for differen kinks. There’s a lot of gear and bdsm furniture to use and there’re as well chairs and dancepole to watch during a kinky event. Other rooms contain games to wind down. The club is mainly coloured in red, which fits very well. Mistress Jenny and I had just a short visit and we walked through all rooms before I tried out a rack and Mistress Jenny joined and teased me.
Toxxland Bisexual Fetish Den is group owned, the group and the Fetish Den is owned by Teagyn Toxx. Voice play in local is encouraged. Join the group for announcements of voice play in session for those of you who enjoy voyeurism.

That’s it about this short visit. Thank you Teagyn for providing the den. I’m pretty sure that we will visit again.

Landmark to Toxxland Bisexual Fetish Den

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