Diary 2017 (130) August 8th – slave Flo in heaven (II)

When we came inworld Tuesday night, August 8th, Mistress Jenny had to pick up slave Flo at club DeLust. She was enjoying herself there instead of dusting and cleaning the house. Obviously slave slut’s laziness is infectious. Of coruse I had to tell slave Flo off. We took her slave Flo to Psi’s realm. The August outfit of slave Flo with the MD cuffs and the hood offers some nice opportunities for bondage. I suspended slave Flo in the middle of the main meeting room at Psi’s. In that position her pussy was at a perfect height for teasing and play. Mistress Jenny and I sat down and caught up with our news while watching slave Flo. The room filled more and more. We had a short conversation with Ally (ally259) who stood close to where I suspended slave Flo. I had the impression that she was a bit jealous of Flo, and I wasn’t wrong. But Ally’s cuffs were not suitable for a comparable suspension. Nonetheless I locked Ally’s cuffs and leashed her even closer to slave Flo, her face being close to slave Flo’s pussy – and I allowed Ally to tease our slave. That was really entertaining and Ally did a good job. slave Flo got more and more aroused and began to beg for permission to cum and Ally kept her on the edge. Another bystander, Nano Siemens, admitted how exciting it was for her just to observe Ally’s teasing and licking. slave Flo promised to improve and Mistress Jenny and I allowed her to cum. To be honest, I didn’t plan to reward slave Flo as we did in the end with allowance to cum. I just hope that she doesn’t misinterpret Mistress’ and my generosity and really improves because otherwise …..

August 8th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Psi’s realm

After slave Flo went to bed, Mistress Jenny put me back into hood and veil and took me to club DeLust. I still struggle and feel rebellious sometimes when she treats me like that, as her married slave, her property. That’s my domme nature that is still existent and Mistress Jenny insists that I lead the family and live out my dominant side with the slaves. But with each red light she strenghtens her position and wipes out another former limit of mine. I see no way out anymore, she fully controls me as her property now. Mistress Jenny annouced that she’ll keep me like that until I have been out and about without her wearing hood and veil and the Mo gag covered by the veil. I know I am wearing a titeler that I don’t see and that anybody can change und humiliate me with. That’s cruel! I can’t describe my feelings about it. I argued but all I got was what I’d had replied to a slave myself “You know it is because I can and I want you to. It will please me when you do it and you will do it” – and end of discussion. Mistress Jenny left me in the hood and veil outfit, gagged and with my arms tied up in the reverse straight jacket in our skybox – and she’s going to prevail.

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