Simploring 2017 (64) Diomita in Sansar

As I follow Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modemworld” blog, I also followed what is going on with Linden Lab’s most important project “Sansar”. In the beginning there were many rumors that Sansar might replace Second Life. Linden Lab always denied that and pointed out that Sansar is aimed to provide other virtual experiences. Inara had quite some blog entries about the progress of Sansar and it’s potential release date. Time flew by and now Sansar is avaible in a beta version. Inara tested it and provided the basics how to get started in her entry “Sansar: getting started the basics” and also reported about her first expereinces in her entry “Sansar: a handful of personal picks to visit and some tips

August 3rd – Diomita in Sansar visiting the Apollo museum

And I? I did try it myself :-). I created an account and made my first steps in this virtual world. I visited the Appollo Museum, a place called New World and 114 Harvest. The Apollo Museum is for sure very well made, it is edcuational and you can spend a lot of time there, as you’d do in RL. The 3D expierence is similar to Second Life, yet the movement of the avatar is more restricted and needs getting used to. The lighting with shadows of natural light and projectors is standard in Sansar and really good. As opposed to in Second Life you have to switch that on and I often have it off as it consumes a lot of ressources of my PC. I visited 2 other places: New World (an artful installation of bizarre trees, blue light and Buildings) and 114 Harvest. 114 Harvest looks like a street in a residential area somewhere in the US and I couldn’t get into the deeper sense of it. I could go in at least one house and walk around and see the cellar.

August 3rd – Diomita in Sansar visiting 114 Harvest and New World

I can see the difference between Sansar and Second Life. The graphics looks more natural – but to be honest at least at this phase of the project it is not that overwhelming compared to some sims that I visited in Second Life. Sansar might look very different using a head mounted display. The handling of Sansar for the user is a lot easier but I also miss a lot of features that we have in Second Life. It might be too early to judge about that.
I think Sansar really targets at other experiences as Second Life – it might be a nice addon to visit and to enjoy places like the Apollo museum.

Try out yourself. I will return to Sansar and have a look into it again.

Inara Pey’s blog post: “Sansar: getting started – the basics”
Inara Pey’s blog post: “Sansar: a handful of personal picks to visit and some tips”

P.S.: In the meanwhile Inara has published more blog posts about Sansar in which she also summarizes her impressions and experiences and shares her opinion and thoughts – both not that far from my own opinion and thoughts. Here are the links to her newer posts:

“Sansar Creator Beta: personal thoughts”
“Sansar basics: Atlas, Desktop mode movement, chat and friends”
“Sansar Profile 6: In the halls of the dwarven king”

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