Simploring 2017 (68) Aly’s Fine Art Gallery & Jungle

Thursday, August 17th, I went simploring following Inara Pey’s blog post “Art in the wild in Second Life“. Aly’s Fine Art Gallery & Jungle is, no surprise, a sim owned by Aly (Alysheea) with a gallery showing Aly’s art and with a jungle. The sim was built by Prosperine2 and Hepburn30. In the landmark description it is described with the tags “fine art, sculptures, photographs. The sim contains: waterfalls, cliffs, caverns, caves, hidden discoveries, romance, relaxation, dancing, adventure, Buddha, elephants, nature, GREAT photo ops, ruins, beaches and more!

The landing point is close to the gallery, that spreads over three open huts built on the beach. Aly’s art compromises moving 3D art (mobiles) and pictures of different styles from RL photography to fractal art, from black and white to SL snapshots and mixtures of all all styles. You can purchase the art here, most are just 99 L$.

After my visit to the gallery I began exploring the island. Aly’s wrote in her notecard:
Immerse your senses and enjoy!
Beauty surrounds you for relaxation and smiles
Take the time to view the art and the nature!
Search for hidden beauty along the way.
That pretty much describes the sim very well.

Impressions of Aly’s Fine Art Gallery & Jungle (2)

Aly’s Fine Art Gallery & Jungle‘s nature and the jungle are beautiful and colourful (did I mention already that I love colours?). It offers many places to sit and cuddle or to dance or to simply enjoy the view. I also tried out the tai chi animation on the top of a rock near the balloon. The big huge rock in the West covers a cave and tunnel system. The caves offer more places to wind down, to dance or simply to enjoy the colours and the peace.
I won’t describe the places and spots in detail here as my pictures tell more than a thousand words. I also discovered a cove with a “Moonphase Piano”, most probably better known as “Simon says” and I played a bit, still a nice game and a nice exercise for your memory.

I explored and discovered Aly’s Fine Art Gallery & Jungle for about an hour and I really enjoyed my visit and I took many pictures. A lovely sim! Thank you Aly for your art and in particular for providing your sim to the public.

Inara Pey’s blog post “Art in the wild in Second Life”
Landmark to Aly’s Fine Art Gallery & Jungle

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