Simploring 2017 (76) The Havens

Monday, Sept 11th, I went on a simploring tour or more precisely a kinkploring tour. I followed a landmark, that I had found in someone’s profile – The Havens. To be honest, I don’t know anymore who it was. The Havens is described as “comprising, Dark Haven Village, The Port of New Haven and the West Haven Estate, including The Wabbit. Adult, D/s SIM catering for most tastes

The Havens: Landing Point and first impressions – Don’t miss the teleporter boards.

The landing point of The Havens is in a residential home and there’s not too much to see in it. When you step out you’re in a medieval town with many framehouses. There are signposts at each corner so you can start exploring. I first went to a smaller castle, then I found a teleporter board, that also provides pictures of what you can visit at The Havens: Havenshire Lakeside, Havenshire Pony Club, New Haven Castle, New Haven Harbour, Dark Haven Central, Havens Duchy Hall, Havenshire Maid Hall, Wagon Camp … and more. I visited the Havenshire Pony Club, the Havenshire Lakeside, the Wagon Camp, the Havenshire Maid Hall and the New Haven Castle.

The Havens – Overview

The pony club is – no surprise for pony play and the lakeside is to enjoy and relax. I was a bit disappointed by the maid hall as I didn’t see much related to maid play (maybe I need to have a closer look next time). The New Haven Castle provides a very large and impressive meeting hall that resembles a cathedral and two large meeting rooms where I found a few bdsm furniture. I wlaked down into the cellar where I discovered a prison. What I missed was a dungeon and I was sure, there’s one. I continued exploring the town and noticed that some areas are not accessible. I assumed that there are houses that are rented and I was right with my assumption.

Impressions of The Havens (upper left: Havenshire Pony Club, other pictures are taken at New Haven Castle)

I returned to New Haven Castle and noticed a naked woman dancing alone in one of the two meeting rooms. I sat down and watched her and we began to talk. The woman I met was Josephine (josie ambrose), the owner of The Havens, She confirmed my assumption that parts of the sim are rented out. Josephine is a dominatrix but reading her profile and seeing her dancing, I could seense that she was in a submissive mood – she switches just like myself. And Josephine told me quite frankly that she had watched me as I explored the sim “Yes, I was watching, A beautiful woman with similar tastes to mine, I contrived our meeting quite deliberately…..”
Now I wanted to know where the dungeon is (of course there is one!) and Josephine showed me the way. You need to be group member to access it, but joining is free.

In the dungeon Josephine showed me a cell, which is hid in the floor and can be lifted like an elevator. I dared to step in and she closed the door and drove it down again …. dropping me into cold water. Yet my head still was above the water. She drove the cell up again and let me out with an evil grin. With my wet dress, I had the choice of getting a cold or stripping and I decided to strip. Once again, Josephine teased me for just one reason – she wanted to be dominated. And this time I fulfilled her desire. I put her on a cross and teased her until she came for me. I assume it wasn’t the last time that I had my way with her *winks*

Diomita and Josephine (josie ambrose)

The Havens is a sim with a medieval setting but Medieval preserved in to the 20th Century. There’s a lot to discover and you can also live out your kink there. Thank you Josephine for providing it to the public. And before I forget – Josephine also writes a blog about The Havenshavens2017

Landmark to The Havens
Josephine’s blog about The Havens

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