Mona’s tips for more effective inventory management

Following Mona Eberhardt’s blog “Living Virtually”, I came across her entry “My tips for more effective inventory management“. This is a very good article about how to sort your inventory in order to find the items you own and I recommend reading it. There was nothing really new in it for me but I didn’t see such a good summary about this subject before. Thank you, Mona!

I use Carlye Thea’s wardrobe system in addition to keep my inventory sorted. Every time I buy a piece of clothing, I take a picture of it (or use the picture given with the purchase if there’s one), I select a subfolder within my clothing folder (like Summer&Dresses, Shoes, Corsets, Costumes, etc.) and I select tags describing the clothing (for example Black, Leather, Name of the store, etc,). Then I upload the picture to my wardrobe website. This way I can scroll through my wardrobe and select an outfit – and I find it by it’s name and the folder in my wardrobe. And as Mistress Jenny has access to my wardrobe (and I to her wardrobe), she can select something for me to wear.

Thank you Mona, for your great summary article!

Mona Eberhardt’s “My tips for more effective inventory management”
Carlye Thea’s website

No blog entry without a picture. Here’s a selfie of me, taken yesterday at our Friday night party. The theme was “Pirates” and I had to purchase a fitting dress. This outfit went into my “Costumes&Uniformes” folder.

September 22nd: Diomita, the pirate

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