Diary 2017 (162) September 25th – Togetherness

Monday night, September 25th, was particular as Mistress Jenny and I were alone all night. We went kinkploring first following a landmark that I had grabbed from someone’s profile. But the destination was not exciting nor extraordinairy. We went to The Secret House, spent a while there chatting among us, reading profiles and watching the quite big crowd of people standing around there in silence. Then we went home to our skybox and took advantage of being alone.
As we do often we ended our night with a short visit to club DeLust. I was a very relaxing and enjoyable night, side by side and not as Mistress and Ehesklavin. Jenny is going on vacation for 10 days which was another reason to enjoy just being close to each other. We talked a lot about us. It is amazing that we still desire eachother after that long time together.

I took a picture of us at club DeLust. Jenny wears a pink semi transparent latex catsuit (quite unusal for her) and I wear a dress that she got for me at the beginning of this night. I added myself in the RF subsuit from a day before and Jenny tied-up and semi-covered with a cloak from my last green light. I think this picture sums up our relation to some extent, at least this night.

September 25th: Jenny and Diomita Maurer

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