Diary 2017 (108) July 4th/5th – Yellow

We had the themed outfits for the slaves changing every month for more than a year. Mostly we selected one outfit and each slave got a different colour to differentiate them easily. We had a little break now in June where we treated each slave individually and the slaves weren’t that present anyway due to different reasons. Last time when we met slave slut cecy she asked about the outfit for July and Mistress Jenny and I agreed to continue treating the slaves individually, but in one colour this time.

When kids create a picture about Summer they paint the sun in pure yellow, it’s the colour of summer. Hence the colour for the slaves in July and maybe longer is yellow!

July 4th: Diomita with slave Flo in her new summer outfit at The Secret House

Slave Flo was the first to get her new outfit. She had kind of a sick note and wasn’t restricted way too long and it was about time for her to return to her duties and to full slavery. For her I selected the RF subsuit in yellow of course with black stripes.

Wednesday, July 5th, we took slave Flo out in her new summer outfit to Mesmerize Dungeon and The Secret House. Particularly at The Secret House slave Flo got some attention really outstanding in her bright yellow restricting outfit. Argi was present and we had fun. Argi entertained the quiet crowed with chatting in main and teasing and talking not only to slave Flo, who – being gagged – couldn’t participate that much.

KendraLouise Damiano sent me an IM telling me how much she likes slave Flo’s outfit and we got into a longer conversation and in the end Kendra changed into a yellow RF subsuit with red stripes and handed control to me. She will stay in the suit at least until Friday, July 7th. Not longer? Well, we will see about that.

Diary 2017 (28) Feb 21st – Tara(ntula)

Feb 21st: Diomita (sitting on slave Adarra), slave Flo, slave cecy and Angelique at home.

Feb 21st: Diomita (sitting on slave Adarra), slave Flo, slave cecy and Angelique at home.

We had a quiet night on Tuesday, February 21st. So there’s not that much to report, just one thing: We have a new  resident on our island, a large spider. We assume that slave slut cecy must have brought it in from Mexico as it is such a huge spider, a tarantula. Hence we decided to name the new cohabitant “Tara”. Tara is roaming around on our island, mostly she hides in the higher gras. Can she bite? Well, no. But she loves to grab a victim and to wrap it into a cocoon. Tuesday night Tara grabbed slave Flo and wrapped her into her cocoon. slave Flo reported that it is warm and cosy inside of the cocoon and she took the opportunity of this cosiness to touch herself (naughty, naughty). Did she think we wouldn’t hear her moans?

Feb 21st: slave Flo in Tara's cocoon. slave cecy, Diomita and Mistress Jenny standing by and watching

Feb 21st: slave Flo in Tara’s cocoon. slave cecy, Diomita and Mistress Jenny standing by and watching

Actually we bought Tara from Restrained Freedom. It is called Spider Trap. You can adjust the roaming range and the rlv settings for the vicitm. If Tara gets you, it’s not too dangerous. Just enjoy a little break in the cosy cocoon.

Angelique Maurer Portrait of February 2017

Angelique Maurer Portrait of February 2017

We collared Angelique February 21st, 2012 (read here). Tuesday was the 5th anniversary of this day. Although Angelique is collared by Zoey now, we consider Angelique as a very close family member, she’s our favourite and beloved niece. Hence we celebrated Angelique’s 5th family anniversary. Congratulation Angelique!

Angelique Maurer February 2017

Angelique Maurer February 2017

Diary (119) Dec 1st – 4th The season begins

The season began very early this year but in Second Life we started it December 1st with covering our sim with snow, setting up our christmas gaszebo and having the first dance in it. Mistress Jenny and I were absent last weekend and hence we’re a little bit behind with decorating our home in SL. But we will add more decorations in the course of this week.

December 4th: slavin C, Diomita, slave D, Mistress Jenny and slave Flo in front of the Christmas gazebo at home

December 4th: slavin C, Diomita, slave D, Mistress Jenny and slave Flo in front of the Christmas gazebo at home

For our weekend away the slaves had the assignment to look for a December outfit for themselves and we were curios what they would come up with. Of course it should be something for the season and it should be a bit restrictive. Yesterday night, Sunday, December 4th, we had slave Flo, slave D and later slavin C with us. slave Flo choose the Restrained Freedom (RF) subsuit in red with green straps for herself – very nice and also restrictive. slave D surprised us with a Christmas tree outfit that we finished with a RF hood and a green latex catsuit to wear under it. It’s funny, humiliating, decorative and also restrictive because of the hood. Later slavin C showed up. She wasn’t online for a week and still stuck at Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) and wasn’t aware of the outfit assignment that we gave out for the slaves. Therefore we selected an outfit from Mesmerize Dungeon for her and enhanced it with MD cuffs and head harness.
The December outfit seems to become pretty individual. We will see what proposals slave cecy and slave Adarra will come up with. But by now we have already developed our own plan for them. And Mistress Jenny has already picked an outfit for our Kitty. So you can expect another picture of Mistress Jenny, me and the slaves in their seasonal outfit very soon.

Diary 2016 (4) Jan 8th – 9th

Yesterday we had our first regular Friday night party. It was very enjoyable. Just before it started I found the time to get the new colourful outfit for our 3rd slave Nina. Hers is in pink with a white corset, so now we have slave Flo with the yellow suit and the pink corset, sklavin Gebby with the green suit and the blue corset and slave Nina with the pink suit and the white corset. The slaves Flo and Nina attended the party and Jenny and I had a good start into the weekend.

First Friday Night Party 2016: slaves Nina and Flo watching their owners Jenny and Diomita dancing (Sklavin Gebby added to the picture)

Jan 8th – First Friday night Party 2016: slaves Nina and Flo watching their owners Jenny and Diomita dancing (sklavin Gebby added to the Picture)

In the picture above I added sklavin Gebby making it the 1st picture of all three colourful slaves together. We’re planning an enjoy bondage night soon and they will for sure add some colourful highlights.

Jenny allowed another green light for me. Today afternoon I just enjoyed her at my feet. I put her into the Restrained Freedom hood and we went to Heavy Bondage Club  and later to Adara’s silent bondage island, where I took some nice pictures of me and my property. Later slave Nina joined us. While we roamed around a bit on the island Jenny was trapped twice in a strange green  foot trap and we could watch her struggling to get out of it (I couldn’t help her at all).

Jan 9th: Diomita takes Jenny to Adara's silent bondage island

Jan 9th: Diomita takes Jenny to Adara’s silent bondage island

Jan 9th: With slave Nina and Jenny at Silent bondage island

Jan 9th: With slave Nina and Jenny at Silent bondage island

Jan 9th: Jenny trapped at Silent bondage island

Jan 9th: Jenny trapped at Silent bondage island

This Saturday afternoon tour ended at Gwen’s storage where I took Jenny and slave Nina to store them as I had to log off. That’s it for the Moment.

Jan 9th: Diomita with Jenny and slave Nina at Gwen's storage

Jan 9th: Diomita with Jenny and slave Nina at Gwen’s storage

Enjoying Bondage November 2015: slave Nina’s subsuit

slave Nina in her subsuit at Dio's feet (picture by Nina)

slave Nina in her subsuit at Dio’s feet (picture by Nina)

Again something different for this month’s enjoying bondage series. On Tuesday, November 17th, slave Nina (sNina93.resident), who is getting closer to us week by week, put herself into a Restrained Freedom (RF) subsuit after she had finished her dusting and cleaning chores at our main house. She also put her RF Mesh hood on. She called it a self-bondage and made some lovely pictures that she published on her deviantart page (link to her dA page is under “Other links”). Once locked she couldn’t get out of it anymore without our help.

A visit from Angelique: Diomita with slave Nina and Angelique (picture by Nina)

A visit from Angelique: Diomita with slave Nina and Angelique (picture by Nina)

Of course I couldn’t resist to keep her in her self inflicted bondage and made it even worse. Thus she layed at my feet while I was recovering from a long day at work. That night we got visit from our niece Angelique who shared her latest news with us. It was a nice chat and when Jenny and slave Flo and sklavin Gebby and even another not to be named slave joined us, we just sat and talked all night. But what happened to slave Nina?

Mistress Jenny and slave, who's name is not revealed

Mistress Jenny and slave, who’s name is not revealed

A chat night: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, sklavin Gebby and slave, who's name is not revealed

November 17th: a chat night: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, sklavin Gebby and slave, who’s name is not revealed

Well, as mentioned above we kept her in her subsuit and put her into our dungeon cell. This is a quite quiet place during daytime and so we gave her an assignment: “Create a story about your self-bondage, add some fiction, share your thoughts and feelings about your situation”. Nina did very well and we think it is perfect for a different “Enjoying bondage” post. Here is, of course uncensored, Nina’s fiction about how she got into the RF subsuit and hood. I just put it here how Nina wrote it. You’ll find the story as well on her dA page as a text to the picture at the end of this post. Enjoy Reading….

Nina’s current accommodations. As if the subsuit wasn’t enough, she is now placed in a deep underground dungeon cell, and chained to the wall. Tightly restrained and securely locked under a thick layer of leather she can only wiggle helplessly on the hard stone floor. Deprived of sight and sound, she senses nothing except the ever present restriction of her bonds, and the smell and taste of leather. Of course, being the bondage addict she is, this is exactly how she wants to be. It excites her greatly to think how the world above her cell goes on, people going on about their daily lives, unaware of the secret prisoner beneath their feet. Isolated from everything else, Nina is lost in her headspace, and she begins to imagine how she came to be like this…
A brief fictional account of how Nina ended up  in the subsuit:
Nina rang the bell three times before she used the key given to her to open the apartment front door. “Hello, is anybody home,” she called out as she stepped in. Receiving no  answer, she proceeded without delay to the broom closet and started gathering the cleaning supplies. Lacking the advantage of a wealthy family, Nina was forced to work as a part time cleaning lady to fund her college education. It was definitely not a glamorous or well-paid job, but it covered her expenses, so she was somewhat content. The agency Nina was working for had provided her a list of apartments to houseclean each week. They had also given her a ring full of spare keys in case nobody was at home when she arrived, which seemed to be the norm rather than the exception. In fact, during the entire semester, Nina had met face-to-face with a client only twice.
Like she was wont to do, Nina went swiftly from room to room, gauging the messiness of the place, and checking if there was anything she needed to fix or arrange before she began to clean up proper. When she entered the master bedroom, she stopped on her tracks and stared in disbelief at the items neatly arranged on the lavish twin bed. Being no stranger to BDSM images, she instantly recognized that she was looking at some sort multipart leather suit with lots of straps and buckles. She gingerly moved towards the bed, and hesitantly touched one of the many small locks that lay there. Nina felt incredible arousal as she imagined what it would be like to actually wear that suit; how helpless she would be with all straps tightened and locked up. As she stood there, wetness swelling between her thighs, an idea began to form in her lust-crazed head: she’d have to try out the suit!
‘No! Are you out of your mind!?’ her rational self told her. ‘The owner – or owners – may return in any moment. Think how embarrassing it would be if you were caught in act! And what’s worse, it would probably cost you your job too.’
But she was too lost in haze of excitement to listen to the voice of reason. Feeling extremely naughty, she began to strip, her whole body shivering from arousal and the sense of danger. In a few moments she had shed the last item of clothing, and stood stark naked before the bed.
Slowly she took the jacket portion of the suit, feeling the material first, then slipping her arms into its sleeves. The jacked fit Nina surprisingly well, almost as if it had been made to her measurements. She reached behind her back, trying to buckle up at least few of the straps. After a while, and a lot of struggling, she had managed to close some, and stopped to pose in front of the bedroom mirror.
“Mmmm-mm,” Nina said to her reflection. “You do look very sexy!” Her hand slowly wandered down towards her aching pussy, but halted before she reached it. ‘No, not yet,’ she thought. ‘I need something more before I’ll enjoy myself.’
slave Nina in "her" cell (picture taken by Nina)

slave Nina in “her” cell (picture taken by Nina)

Nina knelt on the bed, legs spread open. She picked up the suit’s hood part, and held it up before her face, examining the formidable looking item. There was some sort of gag inside, and two holes for nostrils, but no other openings; when fastened in place the hood would make its wearer a blind, faceless thing. Nina opened her mouth wide open for the gag as she began to don the hood. She imagined someone else forcing the hood on her, pushing it firmly in place, then tightening it around her head and closing the locks. It took some tries until she finally got everything aligned right. Even though it wasn’t properly strapped up, the smothering closeness of the hood was intense. She had to steady herself, calm her breathing down, to avoid going into panic mode. Yet, despite the fear, she couldn’t remember ever being so excited.
Nina was about to start rubbing herself, when someone suddenly grabbed her arms. She tried to yell a protest, but it came out as an incoherent mumble. She struggled in vain as her hands were inexorably drawn behind her back and cuffed together.
“Hold still, silly girl,” said a woman’s voice sternly. “You’ll only make this harder for yourself if you resist. I have a taser and will use it if you don’t comply.”
Nina had no way knowing whether or not the speaker was telling the truth, but she decided to play it safe. She ceased her struggles, waiting what would happen next.
“Good girl,” said the unknown woman, patting Nina’s hooded head. Despite the humiliation, Nina couldn’t help feeling yet another tingle of arousal.
“You have made a decent start,” the voice continued. “Now let’s get you properly restrained, darling.”
Nina’s heart skipped a few beats when she heard the words; was her assailant going to fully encase her in the suit? She knew that she should be scared stiff, and yet she was dripping wet and dizzy from sexual arousal. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ she thought. Nina felt the hood beginning to tighten around her head; straps were pulled and buckled up, small locks clicked shut one by one. Her captor worked with a firm and experienced hand, never fumbling or making unnecessary moves. Soon the hood was secured in place, leaving Nina no hope of removing it by herself.
Unseen hand held Nina’s leather covered chin and lifted her head up somewhat. “It looks good on you, slave,” proclaimed the voice.
“Please, let me go,” Nina mumbled into her gag.
“What was that pet?” the voice asked with a mocking tone. “Yes, I too do believe we should set up the rest of your outfit.” With that Nina’s captor began to tighten straps on the jacket part. With each tightened and buckled up strap Nina became more and more helpless. She could feel freedom slipping away from her, and replaced with an inescapable bondage. Her shoulders protested with pain as an armbinder was applied to her. She was put into an extremely tight-fitting full-length leather skirt, and ballet heels that made walking or standing without assistance impossible.
“Well, aren’t you a pretty sight,” said the voice, admiring the fully restrained Nina who could only feebly wiggle in her confines. “I hope you enjoy your suit, slave, because you’re going to spend a long time in it.”
Nina waited with a bated breath what would happen next, but for a very long time nothing did. Apparently her assailant had left, leaving her alone in the bedroom. Then she sensed commotion nearby, despite the hood effectively reducing her senses. She felt hands grabbing her, hoisting her up like a package. Nina mumbled in protest, but again without any effect. She was slowly lowered into something soft, while her legs were forcibly contorted so that she would fit into a specific shape. There was a muffled thud and Nina felt she was now completely encased by the soft, spongy material. ‘They’ve put me into a case or a box!’ she realized. Then she was again hoisted up and her container swayed as it was being carried. ‘Carried to where?’ Nina thought. What would happen to her now? Where were they taking her?
Yes, dear reader, this was my modest attempt to put in writing what sort of things Nina thinks while she languishes in her bondage. The story could’ve been longer and more detailed, but my time in RL is limited, so this have to do for now.
slave Nina in her RF subsuit, and RF Hood, leashed in our dungeon cell and enjoying her bondage and the silence

slave Nina in her RF subsuit, and RF Hood, leashed in our dungeon cell and enjoying her bondage and the silence

Thank you slave Nina, well done!

Bondage Art

Oct 24th: vero and nina

Oct 24th: vero and Nina

During Sarah’s absence in October we cared a bit about her sub vero. And of course we put her into various restraints and bondages. During her time with us we had not only our slave Flo and sklavin Gebby in their tight hoods (the mesh hood from Restrained Freedom) but we also got visited by Nina (snina93.resident) and by our ex brat Dani (danii.szydlowska). Vero really liked the the hood and also the tight catsuits she saw and thus it didn’t take long until we got her into an according outfit herself. Inspired by a picture we have in our dungeon we suspended “poor” hooded vero in her latex catsuit in a similar pose as shown in this picture in our dungeon. The result is pure bondage art and I share the pictures here. Enjoy!

vero Hartman suspended in full Latex

vero Hartmann suspended in full Latex (1)

vero Hartman suspended in full Latex (2)

vero Hartmann suspended in full Latex (2)

vero Hartman and Dani (1)

vero Hartmann and Dani (1)

vero Hartman and Dani (2)

vero Hartmann and Dani (2)

P.S: Danii wrote about her drone suit and it’s restrictions in her blog, if you interested what’s behind the latex. See: http://daniiszydlowska.blogspot.de/2015/10/another-month.html

Special celebrations weeks (May 22nd – June 5th) (5)

Sunday, May 31st, Day 9:
I collected my Ehesklavin at Gwen’s storage where I left her the night before. Again we met someone we knew. This place is really popular in General but it seems in particular to be popular for those who already played in Stonehaven. Today we met Jill Ormstein, a former sister of mine from the old Yasmin’s brat pack days. Jill wore a brand new RF subsuit and guess …. it was open for play for me. Of course I couldn’t resist to tie Jill up into her newest gear. And from what I understood of her gaggish, she thanked me and confirmed how much she loves it. It’s really an upside that you can hear what you want to hear when you gag your victims tightly enough. That was fun and a great start into day 9.

May 31st, Day 9: Dio with Ehesklavin and ex-sister Jill Ormstein at Gwen's storage

May 31st, Day 9: Dio with Ehesklavin and ex-sister Jill Ormstein at Gwen’s storage

I had my fun with Ehesklavin and we visited several places in the course of Sunday night. But it really was time to see a bit more of Jenny’s face. I admit, I missed it. And as this celebration is also about using the tons of gear that we collected over these 7 years I decided for the RF stealth gag worn as an extension of a nice halterneck dress, an outfit that we already had for an enjoying bondage night and that goes perfect with the RF mittens:

May 31st, Day 9: Dio with unhooded Ehesklavin at home

May 31st, Day 9: Dio with unhooded Ehesklavin at home

Again time flew by quickly and after airing Jenny by wearing this halterneck dress I had to store her again for the night and the coming day. For the next day I put her into a latex bag and brought her to Domme a Domme, where she had to stay and I gave her a secret mission.

May 31st, Day 9: Dio with Ehesklavin in her latex bag at DaD

May 31st, Day 9: Dio with Ehesklavin in her latex bag at DaD on her secret misson

Well, Jenny wasn’t as successful as I thought she’d be with her secret mission. I had to think about potential consequences: maybe in the further course of this celebration an extra time is due at least *winks*. For right now on day 10 I took my property out of her latex bag and into another not very restrictive but sexy latex dress – the KaS hobble dress. As we both had planned absences with irregular online times it gave her some freedom to roam around and enjoy if we didn’t meet. So that was her look on day 10:

June 1st, Day 10: Jenny and Diomita at home (at the waterfall)

June 1st, Day 10: Jenny and Diomita at home (at the waterfall)

to be continued ….

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