Jenny and Diomita married for 9 years

Jenny and I celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary today, something quite rare in Second Life. I wrote already a lot about our particular relation and there’s hardly anything to add to that. But then, I also didn’t want to have no blog entry on this occasion! So what can I add?
Just a week ago Mistress Jenny granted a short green light to me (see yesterday’s blog entry). I enjoyed having her at my feet and to feel her dedication and submission. I felt proud and happy about it. When I told her, she answered that she knows this feeling very well. For many years, she was my slave and sub and rarely got me at her feet. Hence she knows exactly how it feels having your owner, your love, your Mistress at your feet. To some extent I do experience now what she did for many years before.

October 24th – Jenny and Diomita Maurer married 9 years

At this 9th wedding anniversary, I want to express my happiness to be owned and loved by my Mistress wife. I am proud to be her married slave, her Ehesklavin. I am happy to be her partner and wife and sometimes her Mistress. For this blog I repeat my vow to Mistress Jenny:

I am proud to be owned by you, Mistress Jenny, my wife
I will obey and I will serve you, Mistress
I will accept your decisions, you have the last say in any matters, Mistress
I will accept your punishment, you know what is good for me, Mistress
I will accept your control, Mistress
I will be grateful for time you allow me to be equal to you as my partner and wife, Mistress.
I promise to be prepared for your submission to me, to make the most of it for you and for me and to value this particular gift, Mistress
But most of all I promise to be your perfect wife and lover, Mistress because you own me
I submit to you, Mistress Jenny

Thank you for everything, Mistress Jenny. I love you.

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  1. jennymaurer
    Oct 24, 2017 @ 14:43:46

    Dearest Diomita
    Thank you for keeping our blog current interesting and informative for everyone who reads it. Everyone who does will know of our devotion to each other and how it has developed over the years. I loved you when we partnered and I love you more with every year we have been together. Thank you for your unconditional love and your submission to me now that our roles have exchanged. I promise to cherish you and your company as we continue our journey together. May we have another 9 just like these.
    All my love
    Jenny xxx


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