Simploring 2017 (86) – Sol Existence

Today my simploring tour followed Inara Pey’s blog and her entry “A return to Sol Existence in Second Life” again.

Sol Existence is a full sim, an island somewhere. I can’t tell where it is and the landmark description give no hint as well “Somewhat reminiscent of another time – created with love and happiness. A small seaside island offering solace to the wanderer

October 29th: Sol Existence – overview

Sol Existence is owned by Sunshine Amelia Gilmore (sunshine zhangsun). Sunshine spends her time in SL exploring, taking pics and blogging, dancing, listening to music, hanging out with friends and building/creating beautiful spaces for herself. She’s also very actively involved in RFL (Relay For Life) in SL as well as in RL. You can find out more about her activities in her blog.

October 29th: Sol Existence – Warehouse club

You will find a bit of everything at Sol Existence. The small harbour looks a bit American, the food market has a Mediterrean touch and the church could be anywhere, there’re restaurants and cafes. You land at a wooden platform from where you can go downstairs to a big warehouse with a jetty. The warehouse itself does not contain goods but is a bar and music club inside. I went over to the lighthouse from there, from where you have a great view on the bay. Right next to the lighthouse is kind of a flying rowing boat, a piece of art and in the lighthouse itself is another a piece of art.
Returning to the landing point you’ll find a food market and some stores, a boutique and a toy’s store. Look inside, they are very detailed inside, just lovely.

October 29th: Sol Existence – Lighthouse “Flying rowing boat” / Food Market and stores

A bit further away you see a wooden building that looks like a church, but inside is a club called Epilogue, that is managed by Charlotte Ophelia Gilmore (charlottegilmore), as far as I understood, the SL daughter of Sunshine. Epilogue is “just a cozy place to hang out, have conversation and listen to music! They have occasional music events, open mic, book clubs, readings, and just sharing of their artistic endeavors.”
From the Epilogue club it is not far to another lighthouse, which is centre for Relay for Life inside. Outside there’s a chess game.

October 29th: Sol Existence – Epilogue Club, Lighthouse “Relay For Life” and Beach

Sol Existence offers a lot to discover, in particular when you like taking pictures. But there’re also places to cuddle or to dance and there’s the club with it’s social events.
Have a look at Sol Existence, it’s worth a visit.

Landmark to Sol Existence
Inara Pey’s bog entry “A return to Sol Existence in Second Life”
Sunshines’ Sol Existence blog

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  1. Sunshine
    Nov 08, 2017 @ 00:00:50

    Oh wow Diomita… what a lovely blog! Thank you for letting me know you visited and for such sweet words! I really appreciate it. So happy you enjoyed your visit. :))


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