Simploring 2017 (94) Akula Island

After my visit to Sunfall just a few weeks ago (read here) I got in contact to Freya Spellhunter, one of the owners of Sunfall. We had a very nice correspondence. She first pointed out that Sara Greene, the other owner of Sunfall, did most of the work in creating this sim and that the credits should go to her. She also told me, that there’s another sim in the immediate neighbourhood that I may not have noticed. It’s a tropical retreat, created and owned by Sara Greene and it is open to the public – Akula Island.

As it is cold outside and Winter is coming, why not spent my Sunday afternoon, November 26th, in the sun on a tropical island?
Akula island is a beautiful and romantic place. I rarely saw a sim with that many spots to cuddle and dance. It offers a large and long beach, two waterfalls, event space and bar, several huts (with beds *winks*), some oddities like the upper part of the Statue of Liberty at one beach or the Nautilus submarine. I would count the old sailing ship as an oddity too, as Akula island has not a historical setting. Don’t get me wrong, these oddities spice up the island and do fit, we’re in a virtual world. At one hut I found a board with the inscript “The only read things in Second Life are our feelings, so please take care of eachother“. There’s nothing to add to this statement.

November 26th: Impressions of Akula Island (1)

Akula island is an adult sim, you can be naked there at the beach or anywhere else. The landmark I got led me to the middle of the island but I found another spot that might be the intended landing spot having a board with the islands name and a warning that you might see people naked aorund here. The landmark description is short and hits the mails head “Tropical jungle beach hangout. Clothing Optional.”

November 26th: Impressions of Akula Island (2)

You can go everywhere on Akula island, all houses and huts and all areas are open to the public. Exploring and discovering it was great fun for me. You might just have a problem to decide where’s the best and most romantic spot here. The many pictures, that I took, might give you a food impression.
Thank you Sara Greene for providing your tropical Akula island to the public!

November 26th: Diomita visiting Akula Island

Landmark to Akula Island

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