Diary 2017 (202) November 29th – 3 parts with 3 slaves

Wednesday, November 29th, was a mixed day in Second Life for me and it was split up in 3 parts. First I met with Mistress in the afternoon and slave kelly was present. slave kelly was stored at the terrace cell in our main house and we met her there and just caught up a bit with her. Mistress Jenny didn’t have much time and retreated again .. and I had some inventory sorting to do. I have a web based wardrobe and when I get new clothes I have to take a picture and to select tags and to upload them to my wardrobe. This way I keep an overview about the content of my wardrobe – and it got quite big over all the years in Second Life. I stayed with slave kelly and did the sorting work. She could watch me changing and taking pictures and we also talked a bit inbetween.

November 29th: Diomita trying on new clothes, slave kelly watching

The second and main part of Wednesday night was the 4th collaring anniversary of slave Flo. To celebrate the day, I unlocked her hood and took it off and I unlocked and removed her chastity belt. We got 2 presents for her, a NGW Andromeda corset and NGW Diane boots. It took a while for slave Flo to try them on and to adjust them properly, she’s not that used to changing clothes as we are *winks*. Mistress and I had fun watching her while we talked. Later Mistress took me and slave Flo to several places which she had found recently. We explored them briefly and then went home to see slave Bella, who came inworld in the meanwhile.

November 29th: slave Flo’s 4th collaring anniversary

And the third part was after Mistress Jenny and slave Flo went off to bed. I took slave Bella to our office and allowed her to rub herself against my boot .. and to cum for me this way.

November 29th at home: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Bella and slave Flo / Diomita with slave Bella at home

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