Simploring 2017 (95) Club Stiletto: A Steampunk D/s Place

I just discovered New Babbage, a Steampunk city spreaded over 11 sims (read here). And now I have more Steampunk! Mistress Jenny came across Club Stiletto and showed it to me briefly. I returned later and had a closer look. The Club Stiletto is located on a sky platform together with an adjacent dungeon and an event tent. There are some paths connecting these 3 buildings and a park around it all.

Impressions of Club Stiletto: A Steampunk D/s Place (1)

The landmark decription provides the tags “Steampunk Club, Lesbian, Femdom, Domme, Dominatrix, submissives, femmes, subs, slaves, findom, TG“. The club is group owned by Stiletto Management, the founder is Marishka Ixito.

Impressions of Club Stiletto: A Steampunk D/s Place (2)

Steampunk and D/s? Yes, that’s possible. You find elements of Steampunk in the club, like the typical colours, upholstered furniture, copper pipes, vessels, belt drives, tiffany lights, the decoration and the pictures and others. But there’re also elements that belong into a D/s club, like a slave parking or dance poles. Right next to the Club Stiletto is a dungeon, which has also elements of Steampunk and even a spanking device that has the proper look. Outside is also a typical airship and I went inside and tested the dance pole there.

Impressions of Club Stiletto: A Steampunk D/s Place (3)

Unfortunately the whole area was empty during my visit, I might have visited at the wrong time. But I also didn’t see any board with a table of events. For everyone liking steampunk the club is for sure worth a visit and for those liking the more the other kinks, it’s for sure a variation compared to other clubs. Thank you Marishka Ixito for providing Club Stiletto to the public. I’ll finish this post with another quote from the landmark description: “A cut above the rest, we appeal to discriminant Dommes and their subs alike. Everyone welcome!”

Landmark to Club Stiletto:

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