Diary 2017 (211) December 13th – Alone

Wednesday, December 13th, Mistress Jenny was offline due to her RL. And when I came inworld at night, I was alone. I decided to go simploring and went to Holiday Trace (see yesterday’s entry here). Upon my return home, there was still no slave around. Hence I changed into something more kinky and went to The Secret House where I met Argi. It did not take long and I had a sub kneeling at my feet and soon after slave Adarra came inworld and joined us. I enjoyed some eye candy and chatted, then I took slave Adarra home to look after slave kelly.

December 13th at Teh Secret House: Diomita with slave Adarra and another Sub, Argi is sitting in the background

As slave kelly and slave Adarra did not have much time together so far, I took both to our office and made slave kelly exploring slave Adarra in her particular way. I wanted to hear slave Adarra begging for more but her RL kicked in and she had to leave all of a sudden. I admit that watching did arouse me, hence I enjoyed slave kelly’s tongue. She has a talent *winks*. My night ended at The Secret House with slave kelly at my feet.

December 13th: slave kelly and slave Adarra (upper left) / Diomita and slave kelly (lower left) / Diomita and slave kelly at The Secret House (right)

Overall, I had an enjoyable and literally satisfying time.

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