Simploring 2017 (99) Holiday Trace

I had several simploring tours to the “Trace”-series of sims, all designed by Kylie Jaxxon and Elvira Kytori. Last year in November I visited Summer Trace, Fall Trace and Winter Trace. And now I came across Inara Pey’s blog entry “Holiday Trace in Second Life“. Of course I visited Holiday Trace, owned and designed by Kylie Jaxxon.

Holiday Trace – overview

Holiday Trace is outstanding. You arrive at a station where a big steam locomotive just arrived. On the platform is some luggage from the passengers. The station is decorated for the season. And it is cold, really cold. At Holiday Trace it is snowing everywhere. At the station is one shop (Carnaby Street) and around the corner is a Pub (Oliver’s Tavern). The station itself is worth a visit. Have a look inside and enjoy the details, everything fits!

Holiday Trace – Landingpoint and station

Holiday Trace – Inside and outside of Oliver’s Tavern

From the station there’s just one paved way leading to a frozen pond, where children are ice scating. Not far away is a chapel and a fountain. From the chapel you can walk through the snow to a covered bridge and from there to a farm, which is now a christmas tree farm as it is the holiday season. There’s also one residential home. What makes Holiday Trace that outstanding is the nature. I could really sense the cold and the views you get on frozen becks and creeks, snow covered trees, the cold sea and the surrounding mountains are just WOW. You can also see some animals, moose, horses, dogs and birds.

Impressions of Holiday Trace (1)

Impressions of Holiday Trace (2)

Of course Holiday Trace is decorated for the season, but not at all kitchy. A snowman here and there, a Christmas wreath at the door, a Christmas tree inside or decorated street lamps, but not too much to become overloaded. I found several places to sit and cuddle (hint: try in particular the two sleighs). And I walked around and took many, many pictures. Holiday Trace is a winter wonderland for photographers and romantic people, an escape from our real life, just perfect for Second Life.

Impressions of Holiday Trace (3)

Thank you Kylie Jaxxon for making some of our dreams come true at least virtually. Don’t miss visiting this gem. I for my part fully enjoyed my hour exploring Holiday Trace.

Landmark to Holiday Trace
Inara Pey’s blog post “Holiday Trace in Second Life”

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