Diary 2017 (219) December 28th – Maurer’s in partnerlook (II)

Thursday, December 28th, was another of these quiet days between the years. I met with Jenny in the afternoon. She had just tried on a dress, that we both got a few days before and I dressed alike but choose another colour. We went to Domme a Domme and caught up there about the day before in SL and RL.

December 28th at Domme a Domme: Mrs. and Mrs. Maurer in partnerlook

When slave Flo came inworld, we returned home. I added Jenny as an owner of slave Flo’s new drone suit and she decided to pull slave’s restrictions a but tighter. In addition I changed the suit’s colour to something between pink and purple, magenta? That’s it about the afternoon.

December 28th at home: Jenny and Diomita adjusting slave Flo’s new drone suit

We spent most of our night with slave Flo. First we played two rounds of greedy, then we went out on a short kinkploring tour and visited Sins Keep and The Hideaway. Both places were empty. While Sins Keep is quite large and has a lot of equipment, The Hideaway is more cosy and offers also a nice photo booth. At The Hideaway we also found a nice punishment rack, which I might purchase for our sim.

Kinkploring tour December 28th: Jenny, Diomita and slave Flo playing greedy at home (upper left) / at Sins Keep / at The Hideaway / dancing at Satyr club

After the short kinploring tour, we went dancing at Satyr Club with slave Flo and finished our night at club DeLust and at home (no picture, some things stay private *winks*).

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