Diary 2018 (7) January 8th – short but busy

I had a very relaxed afternoon with Jenny and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon. Besides teasing slave kelly we had some eye candy while we caught up about RL and SL.

January 8th. Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon

I was late at night due to RL, hence I was online comparably short but it turned out to become a quite busy hour. Jenny was at Domme a Domme with slave drone Flo and Argi. While she tried to tell me what happend so far, slave kelly came inworld and a few moments later slave Adarra. I had to fight following main chat and following private chat for quite a while. slave Flo had asked me to take a picture of her as a drone for her profile. I quickly made a picture and thought it would be just a preliminairy picture. But on the second glance it’s not bad as it shows Mistress Jenny in the background and a bit of me as well, hence drone Flo’s owners are shown in it as well.

January 8th – Drone slave Flo with her owners Mistresses Jenny and Diomita in the background

slave Flo has revised her main profile text and I’ll share it here…

After 4 years as slave, December 2017 Mistresses decided to seal her head Slave Flo, into real isolation – becoming a permasealed Drone

Drone is a accessory to her owners !
Owners statement about Drones :
„Drones are seen and not heard“
“Drone is an accessory to her owners”
“Drones crave isolation, heavy bondage and restriction“

Drones don’t need Talk, TP elsewhere, see Names, Places, hear and vision is most time restricted and IM or even NC are impossible.

What else beside chit chat? slave Adarra had to strip to reveal her new beautiful mesh body. Jenny and I agreed that she will have to ask for permission to dress and for what to wear. Good that we have an early spring at our homesim, we don’t want her to catch a cold.

January 8th at Domme a Domme: slave kelly, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, drone slave Flo, slave Adarra and Argi

And slave kelly? I took her gag off and she had to stay silent. Instead slave kelly began to test her limits emoting about other stunning looking dommes and staring at them. After I nice tug at her leash didn’t stop that, she quickly found herself staring at the floor and the gag went back in.
Argi was a source of fun as always. She’s able to entertain a big crowd and she teased slave Adarra again and again.

The night was short for me but we had fun, just like it should be.

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